"Grasi Ganja Ratu Australia" ("Clemency for Australia's Ganja Queen") was the headline running across the bottom of Indonesia's Metro TV coverage of Schapelle Corby's five-year sentence reduction recently. For good measure, the image over the host's shoulder was a crudely doctored photo of Corby, undoubtedly the most famous Australian in Indonesia, with a crown on her head and her nation's flag next to her.

"Ganja Ratu" has become the common description of Corby in the Indonesian media, showing the vast chasm between the ways the former Gold Coast beauty therapist is viewed in the two countries. It also shows the difficulty that any Indonesian public figure is going to have in showing leniency towards Corby, or anyone else involved in drugs. And with two members of the Bali Nine on death row and awaiting the result of clemency applications to the president, drugs cases look set to remain a diplomatic stumbling block for some time to come.