My blood is boiling with disappointment

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Economic management:

Annemarie O’Reilly writes: Re. “Why Labor gets no credit for economic management” (Tuesday, item 1). Overall, the economy may be doing well but the people at the bottom are doing it tough and the government knows this. Julia Gillard should shut up about it and actually do something for the people who are trapped by circumstances. There is a housing shortage, there are people living on meagre incomes and the cost of essentials is too high for those on low incomes.

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3 thoughts on “My blood is boiling with disappointment

  1. Omar Khayyam

    To Annemarie O’Reilly, well said, I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Hamis Hill

    Yes Annemarie O’Reilly gets it right. The chickens from the one trillion
    dollar Howard era motgage debt binge are coming home to roost,
    apparently, all Julia Gillard’s fault. Personal wealth may indeed have
    doubled in the previous era but personal debt quadrupled meaning
    insufficient income to service the debt hence the pain. The pain of,
    feel good Howard era debt addicts undergoing withdrawal symptoms.
    If, in desperation they go back to the Liberals, under the present leaders
    they will not get another credit fix but will have to endure a recession or
    even a depression.
    It remains to be seen whether business large and small share this delusional
    yearning for the Costello credit card economy now, post GFC,
    impossible to replicate. Business faces a moment of truth regarding an
    Abbott, read economic illiterate, government with a foretaste displayed
    in the slash and burn policies of the Liberal east coast governments.
    Has the water boiled for these frogs? Is this economic doom set in stone
    or will business come to its collective senses and back either Gillard or
    Malcolm Turnbull for the next PM?

  3. michael r james

    Thank you, Paul Pollard.

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