The Glenn Dyer breakdown: Seven won a mixed night, while The Block was solid for Nine and MasterChef hung in there. But viewers also headed for the digital channels which had their highest share of the week so far, and they also gave Pay TV its best night of the week so far.

In other words, the night on the FTA main channels was hardly inspiring. Seven was especially weak in Brisbane, where it had been doing well for much of the year. Nine was very weak in Adelaide last night, much weaker than in Perth which has been the network’s black hole in 2012.

The Amazing Race Australia started on Seven last night at 9pm and averaged an encouraging 888,000. It started OK in 2011, then faded. Will this reoccur in 2012? It averaged a solid 1.218 million nationally.

Ten’s Offspring, 867,000 at 8.30pm, (and 10th nationally with 1.286 million) which was solid. It beat Nine’s The Mentalist which averaged 737,000.

And if you believe Nine, Ten and Seven’s view of last night, they all won, in some way. The plurality of views in FTA TV!

Clarification: Just to be clear up any confusion from yesterday’s comments on Packed to the Rafters. When I wrote yesterday that Packed to the Rafters was a shadow of its old self, I was referring to metro audiences, not national. It achieved a national audience of 1.975 million on Tuesday night, which is more than OK. It’s metro markets audience was 1.337 million. At the start of 2011 or the end of 2010, it would have been getting 2.5 to 2.7 million nationally. Packed to the Rafters has been slowly rebuilding its audience in recent weeks. Packed to the Rafters’ audience figures for Tuesday will be lifted by 200,000 or more viewers when the seven day figures are released next week.

Tonight: The NRL and AFL Footy Shows on Nine. The Block also on Nine. MasterChef and the final Glee of this series on Ten. And the split round on Seven with Better Homes and Gardens in AFL markets and repeats of Border Security and The Force on Seven in NRL markets. Grey’s Anatomy, also on Seven. Silk on ABC 1. Foodie shows on SBS from 7.30pm. And tune into News 24 around 7pm or so, to see if the Leveson inquiry is broadcast from London.

The top 10 national programs (metro & regional combined):

  1. Seven News — 1.940 million
  2. The Block (Nine) — 1.871 million
  3. Nine News — 1.778 million
  4. A Current Affair (Nine) — 1.635 million
  5. Australia’s Got Talent (Seven) — 1.554 million
  6. MasterChef (Ten) — 1.498 million
  7. Today Tonight (Seven) — 1.457 million
  8. ABC News — 1.379 million
  9. Home and Away (Seven) — 1.349 million
  10. Offspring (Ten) — 1.286 million

The Metro Winners:

  1. The Block (Nine, 7 – 8 pm) — 1.330 million
  2. Seven News (6pm) — 1.321 million
  3. Nine News (6pm) — 1.200 million
  4. Today Tonight (Seven) (6.30pm) — 1.194 million
  5. MasterChef (Ten) (7pm) — 1.094 million
  6. A Current Affair (Nine) (6.30pm) — 1.081 million
  7. Australia’s Got Talent (Seven) (7.30pm) — 1.026 million

The Losers: Randling, 488,000 at 8.30pm isn’t anything to write home about (and its 600,000 to 700,000 down on the figures Spicks and Specks was getting in its fading last year). But Randling‘s figures were a bright spot compared with those for Laid, which followed it at 9pm: 228,000. The SBS ONE program Frontiers, Canada averaged 294,000 and beat Laid. The viewers have voted!

Metro News & CA: Seven’s Deal or No Deal lifted to 648,000 in the five metro markets, beating Nine’s Hot Seat with 621,000. Seven News won nationally, but Nine News still won the big markets of Sydney and Melbourne. Today Tonight had a big win Sydney over A Current Affair, but lost Melbourne and Brisbane, and won Adelaide and Perth as usual.

  1. Seven News (6pm) — 1.321 million
  2. Nine News (6pm) — 1.200 million
  3. Today Tonight (Seven) (6.30pm) — 1.194 million
  4. A Current Affair (Nine) (6.30pm) — 1.081 million
  5. ABC News (7pm) — 983,000
  6. Ten News (5pm) — 762,000
  7. 7.30 (ABC) (7.30pm) — 647,000
  8. The Project (Ten) (6.30pm) — 603,000
  9. The Project (Ten) (6pm) — 480,000
  10. Lateline (ABC) (10.30pm) — 194,000
  11. SBS News (6.30pm) — 154,000
  12. The Business (ABC) (11.05pm) — 145,000
  13. SBS News (10.30pm) — 72,000
  14. The Drum (News 24) (6pm) — 44,000

In the morning: For no real reason, Nine’s Today lost tens of thousands of viewers yesterday morning and ended up more than 100,000 adrift of Sunrise. Ten’s Breakfast again slid sharply, and was beaten by a larger margin by News Breakfast on the ABC.

  1. Sunrise (Seven) (7am) — 390,000
  2. Today (Nine) (7 am) — 287,000
  3. The Morning Show (Seven) (9am) — 169,000
  4. Mornings (Nine) (9am) — 97,000
  5. The Circle (Ten) (9am) — 52,000
  6. News Breakfast (ABC) (6am) — 46,000 + 26,000)*
  7. Breakfast (Ten) (7am) — 27,000

*On News 24 simulcast

Metro FTA: Seven (3 channels) won with a share of 30.4%, from Nine(3) on 26.6%, Ten (3) was on 23.7%, the ABC (4) ended on 13.7% and SBS (2) was on 5.6%. Seven now has a narrow weekly lead with a 28.9% share, from Nine’s 28.4% share and Ten’s 21.3%. Main Channels: Seven won with 22.5% from Nine on 21.3%, Ten was on 17.4%, ABC 1, 9.7% and SBS ONE, 4.6%. Nine though still leads with a share of 22.9%, with Seven on 22.4% and Ten on 15.7%.

Metro Digital: Eleven won with 4.7%, 7TWO and 7mate were tied with 4.0% each, GO was on 3.0%, ABC 2 was on 2.7%, Gem ended with 2.3%, ONE was on 1.6%, SBS TWO was on 1.0%, News 24, 0.8% and ABC 3, 0.5%. That’s an FTA viewing share last night of a moderate 24.6%. 7TWO leads the week with 3.4%, from Eleven on 3.2%, along with GO.

Metro including Pay TV: Seven (3 channels) won with a share of 25.3%, from Nine(3) on 22.1%, Ten (3) was on 19.7%, the ABC (4) ended on 11.4% and SBS (2) was on 4.7%. The 15 FTA channels had a total viewing share of 85.6% in prime time last night. The 10 digital channels had a total share of 20.3%, the five main channels, 65.3%. The Paul Murray Live show on Sky News at 9pm averaged 56,000 viewers last night. Doesn’t sound much, but at the moment it is one of the big improvers on Sky and on pay TV. It is a regular top 20 program now on pay TV.

The top five pay TV channels were:

  1. Fox 8 (2.8%)
  2. Fox Classics (2.3)
  3. TV1 (2.1%)
  4. Lifestyle (2.0%)
  5. A&E (2.0%)

The five most-watched programs on pay TV were:

  1. AFL: AFL 360 (Fox Footy) — 100,000
  2. AFL: Open Mike (Fox Footy) — 87,000
  3. Kelly’s Heroes (Fox Classics) — 84,000
  4. Storage Wars (A&E) — 83,000
  5. Futurama (Fox 8) — 75,000

Regional: A win for Prime/7Qld (3 channels) with 32.4% from WIN/NBN (3) on 27.8%, SC Ten(3) was on 21.1%, the ABC (4) was on 12.8% and SBS (2) ended with 6.0%. WIN/NBN though won the main channels with a share of 21.7%, just in front of Prime/7Qld on 21.2%. 7mate won the digitals with 6.1% from 7TWO on 5.1% and Eleven with 4.4%. The 10 digital channels FTA share last night was a high 29.9%. Prime/7Qld leads the week with 31.5% from WIN/NBN on 28.4%.

The five most-watched programs in regional markets were:

  1. Seven News — 617,000
  2. Nine News — 578,000
  3. A Current Affair — 552,000
  4. The Block — 540,000
  5. Australia’s Got Talent — 528,000

Major Metro Markets: Seven beat Nine and Ten overall and in the main channels in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Nine won overall and the main channels in Brisbane, while in Melbourne, Nine won overall and Seven won the main channels. The Block’s 452,000 viewers in Melbourne last night was the biggest audience last night in the country, by far. The digitals saw 7mate win Melbourne and Perth, Eleven win Sydney and Brisbane and 7TWO win Adelaide. Nine still leads the week in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The AFL will push Seven ahead in Melbourne tomorrow night, the NRL will widen Nine’s lead in Sydney and Brisbane. Seven is set for big wins in Adelaide and Perth.

(All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6pm to midnight All People)

*Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports