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May 25, 2012

Fashion: the environmental footprint of your favourite shoes

You think you're an eco warrior every time you remember to take your green bags to Coles, but you still slip on those Gucci pumps. Your footprint may be more than a fashion statement, says Rosalie Taylor.

You think you’re an eco warrior every time you remember to take your green bags to Coles. You congratulate yourself when you choose to put that Diet Coke bottle in the recycling bin. You drive a Prius to reduce carbon emissions. But you still slip on those Gucci pumps.

Your footprint may be more than a fashion statement — and the carbon footprint of a pair of shoes is causing many women to rethink their buying habits. The introduction of the carbon tax (and the associated increase in the cost of goods) may help drive even more people towards a growing trend towards eco fashion.

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9 thoughts on “Fashion: the environmental footprint of your favourite shoes

  1. Coaltopia

    The carbon tax won’t have any affect unless we impose import carbon tariffs though, right?

    And then there’s the irony that we often source artificially cheap goods from high-emitting third-world countries that can ill-afford our expensive coal, whilst “[Queensland] export[s] the annual emissions of the average Queensland household every second.”

  2. Michael

    My wife has over 100 pairs of shoes. Clearly a planet destroyer. I’m not sure how I am going to break this to her. Standby for further fallout.

  3. Lambikins

    What men don’t buy shoes? But yes, good article, and important point that if consumers knew more about their products they could make very different choices.

  4. Hamis Hill

    At $23 per thousand Kilos a quoted 93Kg carbon footprint (ha ha) on a
    pair of hiking boots equals about two dollars on the price.
    The real question? are there any carbon credits to be had in this endless
    carbon price drivel? Yes there is money to be in a compulsory
    emmissions trading scheme just as there is still money being made in
    the existing voluntary emissions trading schemes of long standing right
    here in good old OZ. An it is very, very, NEGATIVE to leave these facts out
    of the debate. Malicious even, with Malice Aforethought in a crime of
    deliberate deception? Not with a political motive?

  5. Hamis Hill

    Clue, under the definition of the term “The Fourth Estate”-journalists
    are politicians. and politicians are partisan even when they are student
    politicians. The first three estates were the politicians in the pre-
    revolutionary French national parliament of 1789.
    So unlike a compulsory ETS ther is no compulsion for the Fourth Estate
    politicians to present a balanced presentation that includes the carbon
    credit market. That is not what politicians do. Fourth Estate it explains

  6. AR

    One pair each of work boots, dress shoes & casuals and.. err.. that’s it.
    Oh, plus formal thongs and everyday ones.
    Is that unusual?

  7. kakadu

    I’ve been trying something really radical. I’ve been getting my favourite shoes mended when they wear out- reheeled and re-soled when necessary. It saves me money and time and it’s been great so far. I have found a good cobbler who takes pride in his work and he does a one or two day turn around.

  8. form1planet

    Hear hear Kakadu! I certainly don’t have 17 pairs of shoes but I do “admit” to spending over $100 on the ones I do have. Seems to me it’s much more sustainable to spend $200 on a well-made pair of shoes that will last several years, than to go through several crappy pairs in the same time.

  9. Suzannah Marshall Macbeth

    Why the focus on women? Men buy shoes too.

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