May 25, 2012

Brothel baron on Thomson: ‘I think it’s bullshit’

Sydney’s brothel barons have cast serious doubt on the integrity of the former prostitute claiming to have had sex with Craig Thomson, writes Chris Seage, owner of Brothel Busters and a former consultant to the NSW sex industry.

Sydney’s brothel barons have cast serious doubt on the integrity of the former prostitute claiming to have had sex with Craig Thomson. It is claimed that Channel Nine’s A Current Affair has offered her $60,000 to spill the beans on their night of carnal pleasure. News Ltd reports this morning that she lives at Cabarita Beach on the NSW north coast after previously working in Sydney as an escort with Boardroom Escorts. On ACA last night, reporter Justin Armsden said that their investigation was centred on a CBA MasterCard payment of $770 paid by Thomson on May 7, 2005, to International Immobiliare, which is the corporate entity of the escort agency Boardroom Escorts. Sex businesses disguise the nature of the payment that appears on credit card statements when clients pay by credit card to ensure a level of discretion. ACA has now whisked her away to an overseas location to be interviewed -- some seven years after the alleged event -- in return for a bag of money. But, according to some of Sydney’s leading brothel barons, that is the problem with the whole ACA deal -- seven years is a long time ago. The current owner of Boardroom Escorts is Alex Lavey, who purchased the business in 2008, three years after the alleged Thomson event. "I think it’s bullshit," he told Crikey. "How can she remember back seven years? Some of the girls I’ve got here now can’t remember what happened last week let alone last year or the year before that." Lavey claims that his escorts currently do 5-12 jobs per week on average. But back in 2005, business was going gangbusters in the sex industry. Lee Cameron, owner of two brothels in Chatswood including the up-market La Petite Aroma, told Crikey: "In those days, business was booming and good escorts could see up to eight clients a night four nights a week. They would have a driver who would camp outside and then drive them to the next job.  It was that busy." Using Cameron’s figures an escort back in 2005 would see up to 32 clients a week. Factor in, say, a 40-week working year, and an escort could have potentially seen 1280 clients in just one year. I asked Cameron whether it was conceivable that an escort could remember a client from seven years ago, given the high number of men they would see. "Her claims have little credence.  She couldn’t remember. She couldn’t. If it was a movie star like Sly Stallone or someone famous, they might but Thomson was not a public figure back then," she said. Cameron also questioned the integrity of some sex workers suggesting that many have issues such as drug and alcohol dependency: "If I was A Current Affair I would be very careful as this could be a potential con-job." Cameron's and Lavey’s thoughts are echoed by Helen, owner of Liaisons, an exclusive brothel in Edgecliffe and The Golden Apple in Potts Point, the latter made famous in the recent Underbelly series. Casting doubts on why the former pr-stitute doesn’t want to be identified, Helen told Crikey: "The interview won’t have any credibility if the face is pixelated and voice distorted. It could be anyone. If you want to come forward and attempt to destroy someone’s reputation, then you can’t hide behind anonymity." Helen also raised issues about the integrity of some sex workers in the industry saying that many are unreliable: "The likelihood of a prostitute seeing a client on only one occasion such as this and now remembering him seven years later is most unlikely." Helen remembers the time she walked out of Liaisons for lunch one day and as she did in walked one of Australia’s most famous former politicians: "I checked later with the girl who saw him and she didn’t even know who he was. I knew who he was though." Meanwhile, Lavey is concerned about losing business because a former worker is outing a client even though he didn’t own the business at the time. "I’m not sure how much this bad publicity will affect my business. Privacy and discretion is very important in this industry," he said. Lavey’s website boasts:
Is my privacy 100% safe with Boardroom? Absolutely! Here at Boardroom, your privacy and satisfaction with our services is our number one concern. This being the case, you can rest easy knowing we’ll take care of you with impeccable discretion. We will never at any time share any of your private information with anyone … guaranteed.

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278 thoughts on “Brothel baron on Thomson: ‘I think it’s bullshit’

  1. Venise Alstergren

    EDWARD JAMES: It’s just that I felt Karen is relatively new on comments and I wanted to encourage her.

    In no way was I accusing you of anything devious. You are obviously a well experienced writer who, and I think you told me this, have your own blog as well as being a presence at Crikey. Given the huge amount of posts you must have to read, I merely thought you couldn’t be blamed if you didn’t read all the comments. I know that I sometimes have the same problem .

    Do you have to be so hostile? I must say it makes for heavy going when people become so touchy.

  2. Edward James

    @ VENISE ALSTERGREN Posted Monday, 4 June 2012 at 7:58 pm | Permalink I used to often publish a link on my Crikey post to where people could visit and read the full page ads I had published after the penny dropped for me, emailing politicians went nowhere. Other voters needed to read about what our politicians are ignoring! Perhaps after almost twelve years I have morphed into a grumpy hostile old man, you have reminded me I should not let the process turn me into something to be despised! I try to read all the comments on the strings where I post because I am searching for other activist who have first hand experience with misgovernance, those people who have experienced it first hand and already doing a bit more than writing comments! Perhaps I have passed my use by date? Never the less I intend to do what little I can to alter the political face of governance in the Gosford Local Government Area. Edward James

  3. Liz45

    An interesting update on the ABC AM program this morning adds another dimension to this issue. Apparently the sex worker allegedly involved gave an interview via Ch 9 that she was the one who had s*x with Craig Thomson, then she went on ch 7 and recanted. Apparently she watched the presentation of CT in Parliament and decided that her memory may not be that reliable – she also felt sorry for him!

    Have a listen to the interview. The Opposition has slackened its hold on this story. Perhaps there’s too many ‘side people’ whose stories and/or involvement is being questioned. For instance, why did the 2OIC of FWA write to the police, on behalf of Kathy Jackson – he was/still is her partner? Then he whined that he’s being defamed? Interesting since he must’ve known that this fact would eventually emerge.

    Today on the morning ABC News and AM was the issue of AWB and how one member of the Fed Police was allegedly offered a bribe to stop investigating? Fancy that? A fuller interview will be aired on tonight’s 7.30? Not to miss!

  4. MrVerily

    @Lamerton Margaret
    You continually defend the indefensible.
    They lied blatantly about every major policy they implemented.
    You defend scum like Gillard and Thompson who steal workers money
    and spend it on their own selfish needs.
    They have put our economy in the toilet, with the only thing
    keeping us a float at the moment is the knowledge that the vast
    majority of Australians don’t support them and therefore their days are numbered.

    If it was known that Labor had a chance of winning the next election most of the 450 billion dollars investment planned for the mining industry would disappear tomorrow.
    Large parts of this have been put on hold or delayed already just so businesses can be sure the evil doers are gone before they invest.

    This should be our time to shine instead the Labor scum are destroying us.

    More than 100,000 plus lazy no good new public servants added and large numbers to follow with the money wasting greens initiatives.
    More then 5000 more in medicare in Canberra, pity the average person can’t get a hospital bed though.
    Australia is now in debt over 230 Billion dollars and rising.
    Forget about the Carbon Tax these guys borrowed and pissed away over 10 Billion in two weeks in January this year alone.

    As soon as they were aware of Slippers sexual harassment suit they went to work defending him.

    The only thing Gillard and who cronies care about are themselves.

    The fact is if there was significant evidence that the Labor front bench was molesting and killing kids the same Labor scum would come out of the wood work to defend them. These people like you are the worst of the worst.

  5. Liz45

    Total and absolute nonsense!

    The investments in this country in recent times has been enormous – there’s been billions invested in infrastructure etc.

    The Libs are so concerned that the economy will go down the toilet after the carbon price, that even they are investing in coal? Haven’t you heard that Gina wants over 7,000 people for a multi billion dollar project? So much for her worrying about Labor.

    Here’s a person with $29 BILLION and is whining about paying a decent share for the resources that belong to all of us? That’s where you should focus your anger mate!

    The Howard Govt had the largest govt in Australian history. Go to Lindsay Tanner’s speech at the National Press Club prior to the ’07 Federal Election.

    I don’t know where you’re getting your info from, but it’s total bs?

    IF the Howard Govt had NOT let the infrastructure, health/hospitals/doctors get worse and worse, the current Govt wouldn’t have had to spend so much. The reason why there’s a doctor shortage is due to the lack of places allocated in the nations Unis under Howard! The same thing happened to plumbers and electricians, and others.

    I recall local Union’s concerns 15+ years ago.

    You can shoot your mouth off and make assertions/accusations, but you need to produce some facts. Any idiot can mouth rubbish – and that’s what you’re doing.

    Didn’t you hear the figures mentioned yesterday re the economic health of the country? I suppose that’s part of the grand conspiracy too! All these people, many who worked in the same jobs under Howard, without him denigrating them or their information, but now they’re scum? Truly!

    You’d be better served by being honest up front, and saying you’re NOT a Labor supporter; never have been, never will! That would be honest at least!

    And while you’re referring to people as “scum” you should watch 7.30 (Thursday evening, ABC ) re AWB? Who were the “government officials” who knew what was going on? When will there be another inquiry, where Howard, Downer and Mark Vale have to give evidence under oath? Interesting?

    Prior to the ’07 Election, Howard had 9 extra people employed in a senior Coalition Senator’s Office, even though he didn’t have a Ministry etc. Why, I hear you ask? To work on his re-election? Nine of them?

    Incidentally, if you looked across the spending across the nation in two weeks, it probably amounts to a lot of dollars. 85 million per day is being spent on Defence over the next 4 years for instance? How about that figure?When you add health, education and Centrelink payments to the mix, it’s easy to see several billion going out each month?

  6. MrVerily

    First of all we are not talking about normal government spending.
    We are talking about your dickhead mates issuing Government Bonds{Borrowing Extra Money to pay dick head lazy no good Public Servants to vote for them.}

    This is the soul reason why the numbers have increased so dramatically.
    This is why we are approaching 250 Billion Dollars in debt.

    These are government figures, you can obtain them from the government where they have large number of these lazy good for nothings like you, publishing this information freely.

    It is absolutely correct that they blew over $10 Billion {extra money} {borrowed money} in two weeks in January. This is nothing to do with their budget. They do what they have always done borrow money and then piss it away by giving to those who least deserve it.

    Half our stock market where Aussie workers have their compulsory super spent is resource stocks. If you look at the average decrease in values over the time Gillard & her lying mates have been in power and came to the conclusion that these guys are doing well, you would have to have spent a little to much time with Craig Thompson on one of his late night sex exploits with the workers union levy’s.

    What could easily happen is what happened at the end of the last mining boom in the early ninety’s, that is it just ends.
    Unions who are currently actively engaged in destroying their own workers industries will do just a little to much damage like they did with the BHP coal mining Queensland.

    It is only because everybody knows Labor is on its last leg that the mining companies are still holding on. It is clear at the current rate of Taxation and with the current IR laws it is far to expensive to invest in Australia.

    They put off the go ahead for Olympic Dam project as long as they could, they have even started talking about ending the BHP port extension at Port Headland.

    What would happen is, if Labor were to freakishly win the next election, our mining boom would coming to an end. We are just no match for our competitors
    like Canada with its %15 company tax, no carbon or mining tax and much more practical IR laws.
    If this does happen what will all the 100’s of thousands of immigrants Labor has brought in to cope with the mining boom do? What will happen to the property prices once unemployment takes off?
    Our country is so near to falling off a cliff into economic and social destruction its not funny.

    Sorry but Gina is not the Libs, all the Polls consistently show the majority of Aussies support the Liberals. So when you talk about the Liberals remember they are the representatives of the majority of the Australian people.

    In Rob Oakshots electorate of Lyne the Polls consistently show that 86% plus of his electorate don’t support him. The fact is these lying Labor scum do not have any credibility what so ever and are a completely illegitimate government full of liars and criminals from Gillard all the way down to Thompson{which is not very far}.

    Remember you support these lying scum bags.
    You support them when they steal low paid workers money, you support them when they sexually harass people in their work place, you support them when they lie about putting massive taxes on people who can not afford to pay them. All for the sake of employing more useless PS to vote for them. You support them when they try and silence the free press and like the rest of us you know they are completely dishonest. This makes you absolute scum as well!!!

  7. Mike Smith


    In Rob Oakshots electorate of Lyne the Polls consistently show that 86% plus of his electorate don’t support him.

    In the only poll that counted, the last election, the majority of his electorate did support him, either directly or via preferences.

    Perhaps Canada doesn’t have the resources that the mining companies want? Hmm?

    The free press? Are you saying Murdoch and Fairfax are free? Free press, like free beer.

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