May 25, 2012

Brothel baron on Thomson: ‘I think it’s bullshit’

Sydney’s brothel barons have cast serious doubt on the integrity of the former prostitute claiming to have had sex with Craig Thomson, writes Chris Seage, owner of Brothel Busters and a former consultant to the NSW sex industry.

Sydney’s brothel barons have cast serious doubt on the integrity of the former prostitute claiming to have had sex with Craig Thomson.

It is claimed that Channel Nine’s A Current Affair has offered her $60,000 to spill the beans on their night of carnal pleasure. News Ltd reports this morning that she lives at Cabarita Beach on the NSW north coast after previously working in Sydney as an escort with Boardroom Escorts.

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278 thoughts on “Brothel baron on Thomson: ‘I think it’s bullshit’

  1. Lamerton Margaret

    Seems to me as if she wants the money and is prepared to say anything to get it. Abit like Tony Abbott – he’d do anything to become PM. What a tawdry business this allm is

  2. Socratease

    Nine says Thomson refused to watch the interview. Why would an innocent man, falsely accused, do that?

  3. william gibbons

    you can write “bullshit” but not sex?

    this is the reason i’ll never subscribe.

  4. Socratease

    Yep, the word filter on this site is farcical.

  5. Steve Gardner

    William Gibbons, this probably has nothing to do with Chris Seage. A lot of workplaces have email filters that block messages based on their contents. ‘sex’, ‘porn’, ‘fuck’ etc. are filtered terms and messages containing them will be blocked. So you’ll often writers writing these terms as ‘s-x’, ‘p*rn’, etc. Guy Rundle does it, too, for example.
    If that is the reason, though, Chris Seage needs a little more attention to detail. The word ‘sex’ does actually appear in the article.

  6. NeoTheFatCat

    It’s amazing that there is absolutely nothing that Craig Thomson can say in his defence that will be believed, but a women claiming to be a prostitute who has been paid to appear on tabloid is instantly believable and trustworthy. She even signed a stat dec!

    No offence to their chosen profession …

  7. tumbrelpusher

    I don’t think that ACA or Channel 9 is getting enough ‘bang’ (pun intended) for their buck. If they had a conducted a proper Cost Benefit Analysis and tender process they would know that they could easily get 12 prostitutes to ‘finger’ Thomson for 5k each……..

  8. notmensa

    @socratease Why would an innocent man, falsely accused, want to watch the interview at all? What on earth would be gained by that?

  9. David Allen

    One thing we can be quite certain of. Thomson can not now get a fair trial.

    If he’s guilty, and he walks, then he’ll be able to thank Abbott, Pyne and, of course, our outstanding media.

    Thanks for your contribution to justice guys!

  10. Wombat

    I would suggest if Crikey wants to understand whether or not prostitutes remember their clients they should shout a journalist a trip to an ‘equivalent brothel’ and pay for a prostitutes time and find out. The ranting of a brothel owner dripping with vested interest who clearly wants believe the women he employs are stupid and bonk so many clients they cannot remember them is no replacement for research. Prostitutes should be paid for their time too – even if the researcher does not get sexual services. You may find that they are actually normal and intelligent people who like most of us remember people for different reasons.

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