Entrance to Rue Cremieux, 12 arr.

Rue Cremieux is a short street that runs off the Rue de Lyon to Rue du Bercy in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, around the corner from the hotel I stayed at for a few days before leaving for Montpellier, where I am attending and presenting at the 13th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology.

More on that later. First a look at the houses in rue Cremieux …

There are thirty three houses – and a hotel – in this small street that is blocked off to the traffic, a blessing on the “four-day long weekend” that Parisians were enjoying while I was there.

Rue Cremieux is lovely in the pre-dawn, and not too bad later in the day when two old men strolled along the pave playing along their trumpets … looking for well-earned tips for their Saturday tipple.

Rue Cremieux par nuit


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Peter Fray
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