When news broke that divisive Australian filmmaker Baz “Moulin Rouge!” Luhrmann was about to direct a new big screen 3D adaptation of The Great Gatsby, admirers of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal book — set during the roaring ’20s and credited by many as the ‘Great American Novel’ — had every reason to be concerned.

Luhrmann’s previous feature was the $130 million outback epic Australia, a blockbuster buffet of simmering set pieces, cheesy dialogue and cookie-cutter characters. His next project: one of the most highly regarded literary works of the 20th century, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan and Isla “Home and Away” Fisher.

The film’s highly anticipated trailer premiered this morning to much online fanfare, but a production booboo has cast early doubt on Luhrmann’s literary nous. One shot 13 seconds into the trailer, of a bustling early ’20s New York City, depicts a large billboard advertising the legendary Ziegfeld Follies, a series of broadway productions that ran from 1907 to 1931. However Luhrmann’s team, evidently not across the Ziegfeld legend, misspelt the title of the famous revues as “Zeigfeld Follies“.

This memo, courtesy of Crikey, is to the production crew, who are presumably about to re-enter the editing suite and fix the typo ahead of the film’s December release: the “i” comes before the “e”.

(hat tip to Twitter user 4 Martinis for their keen eye)