Are you interested in moving somewhere exotic? Keen to make some friends and perhaps meet someone special? Looking for employment opportunities and accommodation in this new land?

How would you go about it? Lovebirds take note of the work of American teacher, 45-year-old Dan Feltenberger, who last week took out a quarter-page personal ad on the front page of The Bali Times:

“Greetings all the wonderful people of Bali,” headlines Dan’s innovative ad, which goes on to announce: “I will be staying in Bali this June and July and want to make the most of my trip. I am a single man and would really enjoy meeting a special single lady to share in the amazing things Bali has to offer.”

Crikey contacted Dan via email this morning to ask him whether he had received any bites on his unorthodox approach. Unfortunately, Dan told a spoken-for Crikey that they were his first respondent.

“I was hoping for a much better response but who knows it still might happen,” Dan said, revealing that he had paid $US360 for the spot. “I knew it would appear on the front page. I figured if you are going to do it, do it up.”

Dan, who dabbles as a musician, said despite the lack of interest he still hoped to find his perfect match in tropical Bali.

“I did fall in love once with a girl once in Bali but she didn’t have much follow through,” he said. “My attitude in life is ‘put yourself out there and see what happens’.”