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May 14, 2012

Craig Thomson on Today: ‘it was not me’

The politician whose name is now synonymous with "embattled," Craig Thomson, was interviewed by Laurie Oakes on the Today show yesterday, remaining adamant he is the victim of

The politician whose name is now synonymous with “embattled,” Craig Thomson, was interviewed by Laurie Oakes on the Today show yesterday, remaining adamant he is the victim of a set-up.

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17 thoughts on “Craig Thomson on Today: ‘it was not me’

  1. Schoo M

    I think Laurie did well to NOT roll his eyes? You can tell he’s not impressed. If this is a preview of what we can expect in Parliament, then Craig and his people need to get Toby Ziegler on the case. Or, perhaps he’s setting himself up for an insanity defense?

  2. Edward James

    Every politician who sits in our Federal Parliament should hang their heads in shame. This MP is getting ready to lie to you and you are too spineless to pass judgement as part of the peoples court of public opinion. Edward James

  3. Suzanne Blake

    Laurie should have asked about the lawyer fees and also quizzed him on the claim his drivers licence was in the HSU office and not with him, while he was driving.

  4. Meski

    @SchooM: Or coaching from Bill Clinton> “I did not have s3x with this woman”

  5. Rob Da Borg

    Houston we have a problem!!!


    Latest message received from Alien Life Probe (ALP) unit Thomo (Lost somewhere deep in the rear of the Gillardian Galaxy; somewhere in a Parallel Universe…Far…Far…away!) shows massive CPU malfunctions and multiple Memory Bank failures.

    Transmission received via the LOakes Deep Space Probe Antennae follows:

    MESSAGE:…A HSU rival plot…Bzzzzttt…Bing…Plong…Klink…not me with prostitutes..Klang….Bzzzrttt…Zappp…Bzzzrttt…what $200K???…Ppfffft…Pzzzt…Ping…Pong…my Sister in Law’s…Pfffffffttt…Hizzzzz…Hollies ARE HSU biz…Kaboom…Kaplattt…Phewwwwwwiiiiiiii…ATM withdrawals…Zrrrrprtzzz…Chiiipowww…Bzzzzrrrr…it’s just not me Laurie…Craaaash…Ka-Boooooom…Kaput…Pfftttt…

    PROGNOSIS: Alien Life Probe (ALP) unit Thomo is Doomed and about to crash with a huge implosive force. This will; in turn, create a massive Black Hole which will suck up the whole of the Gillardian Galaxy int oblivion.

    The Gillardian Galaxy’s Best Treasury Technology Officer Con-Whata Goose has tried to massage the Taxlithium-Giveaway Crystals to generate more positive polling energy, to no avail.

    Therefore; the instability in the Gillardian Galaxy’s space-time polling energy continuum means it will not be able to survive the Thomo-triggered implosion.

    WARNING: If you are an Alien Life Probe (ALP) Unit, orbiting the Gillardian Galaxy, suggested emergency procedure is as follows: Sit Down; Grab Your Ankles and Pull Towards You, Stick Your Head Between Your Knees, and…Kiss Your you know what; Goodbye!


  6. Ian

    I always believed that Oakes was highly overated. This i/v just proves it…..btw, Laurie google up to hack a mobile phone. Try to swap blind ignorance for some form of intelligence.

  7. A. N. Onymus

    Suzanne Blake,

    He did NOT say his licence was in the HSU office. He said the number details of his licence were in the office. I would have thought an auditor (forensic, foresnic, or any other kind) would have known the difference. My resume contains details of my educational qualifications. When I submit it to a prospective employer, I do not submit my certificates, only the details of them.

    As you never acknowledge your errors, what would you like to change the subject to this time?

    For anyone interested who did not see the interview, it is available in two parts at (insert the http prefix).

  8. Malcolm Street

    Edward James – “you are too spineless to pass judgement as part of the peoples court of public opinion”. Thomson appears to be a complete sh*t, and his story is laughable, but he should be tried by a real court and until then entitled to the presumption of innocence. The phrase “peoples court of public opinion” to me sounds like a lynch mob…

  9. Suzanne Blake

    @ A. N. Onymus

    he said

    “My drivers licence was readily available in terms of the number that was there”

    I have worked for many decades and never has my “Drivers Licence” number been anywhere in an office but in my possession or used for certain banking / security forms.

    The Escort Agencies have in one case a photocopy of his licence and in the other its details written on the back of the credit card voucher (merchant copy).

    So either way, they have both, the actual copy copy and numbers, take your pick.

  10. Suzanne Blake

    @ Malcolm Street

    Edward James has done a great job in the electorate and surrounding electorates detailing corruption / criminality etc. Everything from Labor Minister Orkorpolous (in jail for child se x offences) to Council issues.

    In the case of Orkorpolous he was blowing the whistle before then them Labor Premier took action. Do some research.