You may have noticed that eccentric billionaire Clive Palmer likes to style himself "professor". The title is certainly all over his companies' websites, over presentations he gives, in Woman's Day. Undoubtedly it adds a certain lustre to the Palmer reputation, suggesting the man is not merely a mining behemoth but of gargantuan intellect as well.

How did Palmer acquire this title and what is he a professor of, exactly? David Peetz, a professor himself at Griffith University, pointed out to us that Palmer's original "professorship" had finished. From 2002 until February 11 last year, Palmer held two honorary appointments as adjunct professor at Deakin University. According to the university: "People who are given the honorary title (adjunct professor) are allowed to use the title of professor but in all formal documentation and sign off they must use the full title of adjunct professor. They are not considered employees of the university."