Tony Abbott:

Niall Clugston writes: Re. “Tony Abbott: philosopher-prince of the assertion-based community” (Friday, item 1). Is Bernard Keane reading too much Guy Rundle?

His article on Friday lurches like a loose cannon, attacking Tony Abbott’s lazy budget comment — “they just are” — as a philosophical manifesto, before launching a jagged broadside against Clive Palmer, George W Bush, the Tea Party, News Limited, and … “the far Left”.

His spray on “the far Left” in particular detracts from his argument. Can he name which far-left groups he is talking about in his diatribe against “a comforting narrative in which even reason and logic themselves were simply tools of white patriarchal capitalist tyranny, one busy ‘genociding’ every conceivable minority group”? Or has he too fallen in thrall of the sinister “assertion-based community”?

Tom Richman writes: Mussolini said there was only one political system that most benefited from a lack of class warfare: Fascism. Shouldn’t we be very afraid when we find these same sentiments come out of the mouth of Mr Abbot?