May 8, 2012

Attard out as Global Mail editor amid crisis talks

Monica Attard has been moved aside from her position as founding editor of fledgling journalism website The Global Mail.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Monica Attard has been moved aside from her position as founding editor of fledgling journalism website The Global Mail.

Crikey can reveal that Attard has been involved in crisis talks with senior management in recent days — including chairman Graeme Wood and CEO Jane Nicholls — to discuss her future after festering tensions came to a head last week in an office showdown.

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18 thoughts on “Attard out as Global Mail editor amid crisis talks

  1. Edward James

    Well for me that grey self promotional banner right across the photo story links obscuring every one of the stories in the left to right scroll. While I am trying to search left to right it is in the way and annoying. Do the people who own The Global Mail site actually visit and use it ? How hard would it have been to have the web site builder have that annoying overlay go away the moment any visitor clicked the search arrow? Edward James

  2. Catebla

    Interesting to me that Lagan is Nicholls’ husband. For me he is the weakest link in the site. And, agree, the horizontal scrolling is irritating but you can still read it. Some excellent postings but also patchy.

  3. Ned Sarko

    What fool put that lot in the same room?

  4. NeoTheFatCat

    Interestingly, the sideways scroll is completely normal on an iPad (my preferred reading device) where flicking left and right through content is the norm. But I agree it becomes weird on a desktop/laptop.

  5. Edward James

    Yes but is there a way to loose the grey banner which covers so much of what is on half assed offer? IPad or whatever Edward James

  6. Space Kidette

    The Global Mail will fail. It is a boring as batshit read. Dressed up prestigious, but really the level of research is the same as the tabloids.

  7. AR

    I fear that it will go the way of every other attempt at quality journalism in this country – Nation Review, original National Times, the various Matildas, even the Bully which went so far downmarket that it disgusted erstwhile readers who didn’t move their lips when thinking.
    The simple fact is that quality is expensive and of minority appeal – else the Hun & Terror wouldn’t be the biggest selling papers and channels 7,9 & 10 would be holding bake sales.
    Vale it was a brave attempt and we’ll wait long for the next, doomed attempt.

  8. Syd Walker

    It is sad to see any new Australian medium in trouble; we need more, not less media diversity.

    To avoid any accusation that I’m just a stuck record, I won’t repeat in full the case I made in my comment on Crikey’s previous article about the woes of The Global Mail.

    Suffice it to say that more diversity is needed, first and foremost, to break the stifling conformity of the media as it currently exists in Australia, in which certain identifiable topics appear to be off-limits for all journalists in an elaborate self-censorship process that Eric Blair would have appreciated (he was forced to do much the same thing while working for the BBC in the early 1940s, and wrote up much of that experience in fictional form as ‘1984’).

    The Global Mail under Monica Attard’s leadership showed no signs of breaking new ground. Anyone familiar with Attard could never have expected a different outcome. I’m sure she’ll be welcome to rejoin her fellow conformists at the ABC, News Corp or whatever.

    To make a real difference, to get widely noticed and to garner real respect, The Global Mail needs to enter some uncharted waters. A new skipper does make sense – but simply picking another editor from a similar mould would lead, I fear, to much the same outcome.

  9. Aka

    My problem with global mail was that it seemed to have missed the memo about inter activity. It had that old we are the gate keepers of information feel . I never felt they wanted to hear what we thought. We were expected to just sit quietly and cop their collective wisdom. Shame really could have been a lively site . It is easy to.monitor comments so they don’t contain abuse and

    ad hominem attacks.
    It is all but impossible to read on a smart android phone. Contrast its crappy architecture with the hoopla or the conversation. Attard was running it she has to wear the approbium. The conversation does it so much better.

  10. Aka

    Forgot to mention the unreadable type face. New broom has lots of sweeping to do.

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