Delusion around cost of living:

Kim Gleeson writes: Re. “Cost of living delusion runs deep at the political level” (May 3, item 2) I most strenuously disagree with this analysis. I have lodged similar protest with the ABC News. I do not accept NATSEM analysis, with regards to two to three million pensioner recipients and two to three million low-income earners. That makes up nearly 25-30% of the Australian population. They have been struggling with impact of cost-of-living pressures. With regards to the statement on entitlements, I can’t list the length of expletives I would like to make with regard to such a perception. Entitlements have been going to the rich for the past 20 years.

Don’t even Fink about it:

Holly Brimble writes: Re.  “Idiot’s Guide to the Convergence Review: new media” (Friday, item 14) If I have to read Margaret Simons refer to the Finklestein inquiry (or the man himself) as “the Fink” one more time I think I will go crazy (Michael Douglas in Falling Down crazy, at that).

What is the point of this feigned familiarity? It is just so cringeworthy and ruins otherwise sensible analysis.


Pick up your game Crickey:

Terry Scheikowski writes: “Criteria” are plural (Tips and Rumours, Friday). Always plural. “Plural” means “more than one”. Not like “… a non-negotiable criteria …” er… (sic): or is “sic” too much Latin for you too? Repeat after me: “Criteria are plural. Always.” Unlike “criterion” (um … that would be “singular”, surely a distinction not too taxing for someone who writes English for a living!!!

One can’t “‘Breech’ (“All doled up, nowhere to go: when the cost of living really bites“, Friday, item 13) any one of these conditions …” unless one puts pants on it, or gives birth to it in a peculiarly distressing way, or something like that: what you mean is “breach”. Please don’t tell me it’s unimportant, this sloppiness absolutely ruins the concentration of any reader who is sufficiently educated to know it’s wrong. The day I read “sort” instead of “sought” is the day I cancel my subscription, (and I have been with you since the Mayne days), but it is just too annoyingly distracting, to be honest. You need a competent sub/proofer. You need one real bad. Online is no excuse for seriously poor standards, you’re a writer!