How Canberra became Wayne’s World

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3 thoughts on “How Canberra became Wayne’s World

  1. Simon Mansfield

    Lindsay Tanner has long supported the large-scale sale of public infrastructure.

    In an email to me back in 2005 he said he supported the sale of the Snowy Hydro – as in the modern era governments don’t invest in capital assets like power stations and dams etc anymore – and instead invest in human capital – like education.

    Of course the only reason he was saying this was that at the time both the NSW and Victorian state Labor governments wanted to sell the Snowy Hydro off to raise money to balance their budgets.

    The really scary part to this was that he was effectively saying it was okay to fund recurrent costs such as the education budget with revenue from asset sales.

    Tanner was also a Rudd supporter and was against Gillard from the late 90s.

    But why let facts get in the way of a good attack against Luke.

    As to the WA premier/election – I think Luke was talking about rising utility costs in general and was not referring to the carbon tax – and all governments are facing growing anger from voters over escalating electricity, water, gas prices. State govts will try to blame the carbon tax – but as we all know from Crikey – it’s infrastructure costs that are mostly driving up prices.

    Finally, calling Luke’s efforts tr**ling is just pathetic. It’s inherent aim is to shut some down – and it should be included in Godwin’s law.

  2. Phen

    Matt Davies – considering Luke Walladge is a West Australian (or at least lives in Perth), I strongly doubt the excerpt you quote is intended to be read the way you interpret it (though it is confusing). I can only presume that he means that Colin Barnett’s vote in the next State election will end up being inflated by the very strong anti-Labor feeling being generated in the west by the federal government.

  3. mattsui

    As Far as I’m concerned, regardless of how you read it, it proves he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
    The Crikey crew could surely have seen this guy coming from a mile away and it’s a fair bet they only gave him space in the daily mail in order to stir the “true believers” into a frenzy.
    Trolling at it’s finest, and not a little enjoyable for that.
    However, if this Wallage character is not an idiot, perhaps he could take some time to explain his ridiculous error.

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