May 1, 2012

The secret deal bringing an $11b US intel giant to Melbourne

The Victorian government won't reveal the amount of taxpayer funds spent on the set-up of a shadowy US military-linked intelligence operation in the heart of Melbourne. Andrew Crook and Bernard Keane report.

The Victorian government has refused to reveal the amount of taxpayer funds spent on the set-up of a shadowy US military-linked intelligence operation in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

A secret deal was hatched last month to expand the Australian footprint of the massive Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), which rakes in $11 billion each year in revenue in its role as the private information arm of the US government.

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25 thoughts on “The secret deal bringing an $11b US intel giant to Melbourne

  1. Kevin & Julie Harris

    Dear Andrew & Bernard

    Julie would like to know where this leaves the Vic and Federal Govts.

    Yes, we know that we have been given assurances by Dizzy Rizzy, that SAIC has not been retained by the latter for any services to the Vic Govt, but was n’t it the Vic Govt that coffed-up the Tax Payers money to invite them here in the first place? But on behalf of who then?

    Now, as i explained to Julie, the issue here is not hyphenated names. Perhaps it should be, because look at this…Richard Dalla-Riva, Gordon Rich-Phillips, Sacks-Davis and that other mysterious fellow, Vernon A Guidry Junior….ok, Vernon’s name is not hyphenated but very convoluting to say the least.

    Sorry boys, but Julie wants to butt-in here.

    Julie: FFSAIC Kevin, will you get to the point.

    Kevin: Get to the point? How can I get to the point when my emails and texts are constantly being scrutinized and my phones been bugged by an Intel organization sponsored by my own state govt.


    Yours Sincerely

    Kevin & Julie Harris

  2. lindsayb

    A US company with ties to their military and intelligence, with convictions for fraud and demonstrated incompetence, developing information systems for our parliament and assisting our government with “cyber security”. What could possibly go wrong?
    With “friends” like these, who needs enemies?

  3. izatso?

    here’s the thing. SAIC. your mother. with spades.that should do it.

  4. kennethrobinson2

    Looks like the stars and stripes will be Australias flag, the turncoate in Canberra, have sold us out. just for the HONOR?? of a pat on the head by Obummer.

  5. Muttonkennedy

    “Hoovered”? With a capital H?

  6. Indiana Jones

    3 things. If they start advertising for Test Subjects, don’t respond. If you work there and they have a “Bring your Daughter to Work Day” chuck a sickie and stay home.

  7. zut alors

    Uh oh, first Darwin now Melbourne, the pincer move which began in Canberra. We’re done, folks – it was nice knowing you, Australia.

  8. Sally Jones

    There’s 2,500 marines in Darwin, as we speak and that’s only the first installment. The Australian government is still dredging the waters between Garden Island and the mainland in WA to make access for even bigger aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. And now one of the major tentacles of the US Intelligence Services has set up shop in Melbourne. This article is practically a smoking gun and I wonder these days how our elected representatives actually keep a straight face.

  9. scottyea

    Yeah! What did the Americans ever do for us, eh?

  10. Sally Jones

    Like the Romans, they gave us aquaducts. Saw it on the Life of Brian.

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