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Gillard, Slipper, Thomson, et al:

Shirley Colless writes: Re. “Desperate times for a dying prime ministership” (yesterday, item 1). So during the leadership of John Howard, Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott,  Craig Thompson’s alleged “naughties” were a cause of deep concern and duly broadcast to the world, but Peter Slipper’s alleged “naughties” while common knowledge were no cause for concern — but all of a sudden, once he ratted, the Coalition holier-than-thou attack dogs moved in.

One does have to wonder, how many other dirt files are being held by whomever but not revealed on how many other Coalition and government members?

Martin Gordon writes: The things that does stand out in everything that has occurred in the Gillard prime ministership, is the growing pile of issues wreckage and public dismay that basically reflects on her poor political judgment. She does have a reverse Midas touch.

Sadly for this country, Gillard could not the pick the winner of a one-horse race.

Niall Clugston writes: Everyone seems to have missed the fact that Abbott’s call for the Gillard government to disown Craig Thomson’s vote is unconstitutional.  A government cannot dismiss an MP, nor can it choose to ignore a vote.

If Thomson chooses to vote with the government, there is no way to stop him.


Allan Brownsdon writes: Re. “Look no further than Apple to explain the retail woes here” (yesterday, item 19).  It’s simple really. If I go into JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman, I’ll get some sales assistant who knows little about the product and shows little interest in you and what you are after. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll happily make it up.

Walk into an Apple store and you’ll find someone knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products they sell.

People are just sick of being taken for granted by the big retailers.