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May 1, 2012

Decoding the Convergence Review

We're creating a one-stop shop for you: short of reading the report yourself, Crikey's idiot's guide to the Convergence Review is the closest you'll come to forming a bigger picture.

There are acres of op-eds today about the government’s media Convergence Review, released in its entirety yesterday. Equally, there are reams of different angles: ownership structures; spectrum allocation; regulating (or not, as it turns out) online entities such as Facebook, Google and any solely online publishers for that matter; local content; a public interest test … OK, we’ll stop now.


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3 thoughts on “Decoding the Convergence Review

  1. Meski

    Rupert already hates them, they have nothing to lose on that front by implementing it properly. And it’ll give Tony “repeal” Abbott something else to do.

  2. solasaurus

    Who knows? Now that Labor appears destined to lose the next election – whenever that should be – perhaps they can just get on and push through good policy and restrains the influence of Big Media in future. With Capt. Rupert and his pirate ship Newscorp facing the sharp glare of public scrutiny that they so relish foisting on others, perhaps now is a good time to get a new structure for media regulation up and running.

  3. izatso?

    ” The fact remains that this was a case of a man graphically describing, and apparently advocating, an act of violence upon a woman — and not just any woman, but the Prime Minister herself. Given the rise of conservative hate speech, and the shooting last year of Gabrielle Giffords in the United States, this incident should have been given front page prominence in Australian newspapers. The fact that it wasn’t is frightening. It is, in fact, a tacit endorsement by Australia’s mainstream press that violent hate speech by men against women and politicians is now socially acceptable. A dark door has been opened — and we can only wonder what may be on the other side” David Donovan at the Indepedentaustralian, on Morrison, of course…..

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