Apr 30, 2012

Your Sunday roast, brought to you by ritual animal slaughter

Legal loopholes mean you could be inadvertently buying meat coming from animals that were fully conscious when they were slaughtered, writes Sandi Keane.

Loopholes in the law mean that Australian consumers are unknowingly buying meat from animals that have been slaughtered without being stunned first, as required by law.

Exemptions from the requirement to stun animals are granted to a small ritual market — but cuts of the meat not suitable for the kosher market then end up on the supermarket shelf or at the butcher, without special labelling.

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11 thoughts on “Your Sunday roast, brought to you by ritual animal slaughter

  1. Robert Barwick

    The Nazis slandered the Jewish kosher tradition as cruelty to animals; now Animals Australia have picked the same target. Disturbing.

  2. puddleduck

    This is a national disgrace (as is the continued live export industry), as is our government’s continued inaction on the issue.

  3. shepherdmarilyn

    Guess what, every day 30,000 kids die of starvation while concsious.

    People are blown up while walking around or in their homes.

    People are shot or stabbed to death or have accidents.

    They are usually conscious and some take a long time to die in agony.

    Cows are bred to die and be eaten and if they are awake or asleep one thing is certain, they will be dead at the end of the day.

  4. Charlie Maigne

    I don’t see a problem.

    The Jewish community is going to buy and eat however much kosher (no-stun) beef that they do. contributes nothing to the demand for kosher beef. It’s just soaking up the excess supply.

    Conversely, insisting on non-kosher beef would lead to more wastage, the parts of the animal unfit for kosher consumption will simply be discarded. More animals would have do die to support the same level of consumption, for no appreciable benefit beyond “making a point”.

  5. eddieward

    Big deal. I kill animals to eat them all the time. 100 percent of the time they are alive when I kill them. A cow or a chook or a deer is just food walking around. I can’t understand this sooking about how tough it is on the animals. The animals can suck it up. If we kill them we should be able to eat them. I really don’t understand this stuff. It’s just a freaking animal. Meanwhile no one gives ashit about living human beings who are working and still can’t afford a roof over their head in Australia. Why give a shit about animals when we don’t even give a shit about other human beings? This is a crazy world.

  6. Frank Campbell

    A good example of primitive, barbaric beliefs protected by religion.

    Relihion should be stunned, then humanely slaughtered…

  7. shepherdmarilyn

    Why, we don’t humanely slaughter human beings.

  8. Malcolm Street

    Would un-stunned slaughter be accepted if it were for any reason other than religion? Why are religions allowed an automatic exemption from all sorts of legislation?

  9. AR

    Religion is the ‘sacred cow’ – pun intended – in this matter. It it were not for the adherents of the various Flying Spaghetti Monsters there would be no such problem.
    Nor live export.

  10. Stephen

    After the cruelty of the recent Kevin Rudd exercise, we must completely outlaw the practice of God’s creatures being fully conscious when slaughtered.

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