Clive’s unsinkable ego. Just when we thought he’d said just about everything, Crazy Clive Palmer has done it again by announcing a tilt at federal politics and plans to construct a fleet of world-class luxury liners including — wait for it — a modern-day version of the RMS Titanic.

The mining billionaire, whose predilection for giving money to the Liberal-National Party scored him a spot on our Rich Crusaders list, told reporters this morning that “Titanic II” would be a tribute to those who lost their lives in the infamous shipping disaster.

On his chances of preselection for the LNP in Wayne Swan‘s seat of Lilley, the National Treasure was hopeful he could oust the treasurer. “He’s been a sitting member for far too long and it’s about time we get this country moving again,” he said.

For the sake of entertainment alone, here’s hoping Clive’s ego doesn’t strike its own iceberg.

Twiggy lashes Swan. Again. Speaking of angry billionaires who dislike the treasurer, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest had another crack at Wayne Swan this morning, accusing him of lying to the Australian people. Forrest is still angry about the federal government’s mining tax, which is forecast to add $10.6 billion over three years to the nation’s bottom line.

“I’m sorry, your Treasurer is lying to you,” Forrest told ABC Radio. “This is not going to raise anything like he is saying. It’s not going to fund his 2.7 million businesses, it is not going to fund the mums and dads’ super.”

Forrest will address the National Press Club this week. Be sure to tune in for some more fireworks.

Bill Shorten goes viral. Last Friday, The Power Index reported Bill Shorten‘s cracking spin effort on Sky News where he supported Prime Minister Julia Gillard without knowing what she’d said. Shorten, who was answering a question about the conduct of Peter Slipper, has since become a viral star, with his loyal response garnering more than 150,00 views on YouTube.

Creator of British politics satire The Thick Of It (and foul-mouthed government spin doctor Malcolm TuckerArmando Iannucci tweeted that Shorten’s effort was “somewhat astonishing”. UK paper The Guardian also picked it up, with its headline asking the pertinent question: “Is Bill Shorten the world’s most loyal politician?”

With the prospects of a fresh ALP spill steaming faster than the Titanic on its maiden voyage, we’ll soon find out.