Apr 27, 2012

Rundle: if only News was run by Rupert…

"Some day there will be billions of smart telephones" -- thus spake Yoda of the tribunal, R. Murdoch, on the second day of his testimony to the Leveson inquiry.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


“Some day there will be billions of smart telephones” — thus spake Yoda of the tribunal, R. Murdoch, on the second day of his testimony to the Leveson inquiry. Some on teh Twitter said the wrinkled billionaire had come to resemble his own “spitting image” puppet. I thought he looked like an enormous foreskin in designer eye wear, but there you go. Murdoch senior spoke slowly, even ponderously throughout much of his second session, almost as if he was trying to run the clock out. But he also resorted to claiming levels of ignorance of his own organisation that beggar belief.

Having claimed that his editors were free to make their own decisions, Murdoch was challenged with comments by former Sun editor David Yelland, who claimed that he had come to see the world “through Murdoch’s eyes” as part of the job. Murdoch replied by noting that Yelland had said he was drunk through much of his time editing the Hun, “which we never knew about”.

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46 thoughts on “Rundle: if only News was run by Rupert…

  1. Suzanne Blake

    Hi Guy

    Are you ar lunch?

    by Guy Rundle

    “Some on teh Twitter said”

    “said he was drunk through much of his time editing the Hun, “which we never knew about”.”

    Who is drunk?

  2. Tom Jones

    It is unbelievable that Rupert wasn’t involved and as he has hung so many out to dry after dropping them in it there is likely to be at least one person who will have other evidence of him being involved. The real problem for bullies is that once power starts to crumble people will look to protect themselves as clearly they won’t get help from Rupertp; unless they are Rebekah Brooks who must have so much information on what went on that he needs to ensure that she is kept sweet.

  3. Anto

    Hi Suzanne
    Are you “ar” lunch?
    by Suzanne Blake.

    Epic fail. You idiot.

  4. Suzanne Blake


    Hi Suzanne
    Are you “ar” lunch?

    did that on purpose… You idiot.

  5. Michael de Angelos

    Not a credible excuse SB and you are confusing the role of a newspaper editor with a sub-editor’s role.

    Considering the number of mistakes that now slip through into both News Ltd and Fairfax newspapers, sub editing seems to have vanished. On Sunday I counted over 40 mistakes in a popular tabloid.

    Watching RP and his plausible deniabilty act is fascinating and Rundle is correct to point out the power of having power and how it exerts it’s influence. I was taught in my very first job at 17 by a powerful, rich man with integrity that when the top is corrupt it seeps down and infuses the whole body of a corporation.

    We are witnessing that power being exerted in Australia with news Ltd’s endless campaign against the Gillard government with state dailies and a national newspaper all in tune and in tune with Opposition leader Tony Abbott.

    A perfect example : Tony Abbott’s new found respect for the role of The Speaker despite the News Ltd tabloids not long ago running front page mock-ups of The Speaker pictured as a rat with whiskers etc. Nary a peep then from Tony on the blatant disrespect for the highest ranking person in Parliament.

  6. Gail

    You are, perhaps, a little out of touch on Twitter and, indeed, internet norms and memes, Suzanne Blake.

    Teh Twitter would be immediately understood by millions of users of teh internetz. It is a meme, a norm, the vernacular of typing based communication.

  7. Suzanne Blake

    Thanks Gail

    I get it now, which would explain why Schnappi Tom is indeed ex Army Signals

  8. Meski

    Be glad 1337 never made it into Crikey much, Suzanne.

    @Gail: Sometimes I think memes are an invention of teh interwebz.

    And Guy? Don’t know about spitting image, but this is close. But Rupert doesn’t havve the blue eye yet.

  9. Pete from Sydney

    good to know you’re hip to the lingo Gail…..very cool

  10. Godotcab

    Who would trust any News Ltd output as a news source?

    They are revealed as either crooks or fools, again.

    Either way, any reports from them cannot be taken seriously.

    Remember, this is the mob whose Australian management didn’t know that the football team they owned, in the competition they owned half of, were cheating the salary cap.

    Either they lie about what they knew, or they are useless at news. No other possibility.

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