Almost a leadership challenge story. I've been watching and waiting for the first Prime Ministerial leadership challenge story of autumn and nearly found it this morning. Lenore Taylor and Phillip Coorey writing in the Sydney Morning Herald came awfully close to winning with this:
It comes as despairing Labor MPs have again begun questioning the viability of Ms Gillard's leadership and insisting that Labor act to remove the growing impression it would stoop to anything to cling to power. Sources said cracks were also appearing among the majority element of the NSW Right which backed Ms Gillard against Kevin Rudd in the leadership ballot just two months ago.
The betting markets too are pointing back towards another challenge being possible. The certainty that Julia Gillard would remain Labor leader until the next election that followed her defeat of the Kevin Rudd challenge has now been replaced by uncertainty.

And as for Kevin13 himself, he is maintaining a sensible silence in English while polishing up his Chinese characters. A gloomy report on CO2 emissions. The International Energy Agency has delivered a gloomy assessment to this week's international Clean Energy Ministerial meeting on efforts to reduce energy related CO2 emissions.