Apr 24, 2012

Tweet for your supper: the new wave of cash-for-comment

Celebrity tweeting is fast becoming one of the most valuable commodities on the internet, writes Dylan Barber. After Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardashians made it big, now Australian celebrities are cashing in.

Last night the ABC’s Media Watch spilled the beans on South Australia Tourism paying celebrities to tweet their approval of Kangaroo Island, running in parallel with a poignant advertising campaign.

Celebrity chef Matt Moran, singer Shannon Noll and TV presenter Sophie Faulker were reportedly paid $750 per tweet to spruik the holiday destination. Advertising firm KWP, responsible for connecting SA Tourism with the celebrity tweeters, stressed they “didn’t want the tweet to appear endorsed, rather an organic mention” injected with the celebrity’s “own personality”.

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11 thoughts on “Tweet for your supper: the new wave of cash-for-comment

  1. Holden Back

    So if it’s not viral anymore, is it bacterial, or parasitic marketing?

  2. zut alors

    Why would anybody pay heed to something tweeted by a ‘celebrity’?

  3. Tom

    Anyone dim enough to jump on a plane and head to KI after being ‘inflenced’ by a bunch of hopeless ‘C’ listers is …….?

  4. David Allen

    Zut, stop reading my mind. It will corrupt you.

  5. mseal10

    Slow news day, oh the scandal…

  6. Meski

    @Zut: You’d pay attention to something tweeted by a politician, maybe?

    “These Cabcharge vouchers are excellent value” – Slipper
    “Just say NO” – Abbott
    “How to balance a budget for dummies” – what I’m reading – Swan

    @Tom: KI is great, don’t let the C listers put you off, with their carefully crafted insincerities.

  7. Meski

    @HB: Like all marketing, it’s amoebic – and will give you the sh*ts

  8. Clytie

    Kangaroo Island is beautiful anytime: quiet and peaceful, with unique environmental experiences. Don’t let this marketing #fail put you off a great place to visit. 😉

    (Disclosure: nobody paid me, lent over my shoulder pressing keys or waved horses’ heads at me to make me comment in this manner. I’ve been to Kangaroo Island, loved it and would go again in a heartbeat, if I weren’t housebound by illness. Recommendation: do things before you get sick.)

  9. Son of foro

    I’m always disappointed to find my favourite celebrity is vacuous and not to be trusted.

  10. Edward James

    Why would anybody pay heed to something tweeted by a ‘celebrity’? Many do Zut! Thats why we are discussing it on Crikey. Edward James

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