US-based toy multinational Hasbro is embroiled in a damaging Internet scandal after it marshalled henchmen representing global lawyers Baker & McKenzie to take aim at an online fan for posting photos of his favourite Hasbro Nerf guns.

The saga, in which Hasbro allegedly tricked a Canberra based public servant Martyn Yang into revealing his home address so they could serve him with a legal letter, has now been referred to the NSW Legal Services Commissioner and this morning became the subject of a rapidly-spreading anti-Hasbro meme.

Last month, Yang, who scours the internet for the latest Nerf, Lazer Tag and Super Soaker scoops on his popular hobbyist toyblaster blog Urban Taggers, was sitting at home when he received an unexpected email from Hasbro's Pacific Product Manager Leigh Gibson. Gibson was writing with an apparent offer of some exclusive Nerf loot: