Apr 24, 2012

Dear Jennifer Westacott, this is why we’re

Business has complained about the quality of policy debate. There's an irony in that, says Bernard Keane in his letter to Business Council chief Jennifer Westacott.

Bernard Keane ā€” Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Dear Ms Westacott,

I hope this froth-mouthed rant finds you well. I happened to see some comments of yours reported in the Fairfax press today and thought I’d drop you a line or 30 about your complaint that the current political debate is leaving business “frustrated and disappointed”.

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75 thoughts on “Dear Jennifer Westacott, this is why we’re

  1. susan winstanley

    Well said Bernard Keane!

  2. James Finch

    Pfftt. Pretty obvious that Bernard is a communist who is trying to overthrow the state.

  3. DF

    Absolutely spot on, BK. In particular I like your line about the way the business sector tries to disguise its sectoral objectives as altruistic and in the national interest. One thing you have to admire about the unions – they are quite open about the fact that they work in the interests of their members and which political party they support. Would that the BCA and corporates could be so honest.
    I’ll start heeding the BCA’s crocodile tears when I see them commenting about the levels and methodology behind executive salaries – if one belt has to be pulled in then they all have to be pulled in.

  4. floorer

    One of the best rants I’ve read and so f’ing spot on.

  5. paddy

    LOL Well that’s one Christmas list you’ve just been struck off Bernard.
    Well said.

  6. Space Kidette

    Bernard Keane,

    Bravo! Finally.

  7. Michael

    “We (Business) are frustrated and disappointed, for example, that the concept of “economic reform” advanced by groups like the Business Council consist entirely of proposals designed to improve the bottom lines of companies, rather than deliver improved economic performance: IR deregulation, lower company taxes, infrastructure investment that companies should be undertaking themselves, more business welfare, etc.”

    OMFG !!! Did BK say that? He’s on Meth surely!

  8. Mark from Melbourne

    Nicely put. Maybe they could also admit, at least to themselves, that the track record of many business people, especially some of the noisiest, is such that you wouldn’t trust them with your own money – so why should we listen to their expert advice on how to run the country?

  9. Cuppa

    Australia didn’t get to be a world leader in standard of living by cutting wages and conditions.

  10. Suzanne Blake

    You forgot to mention Woolworths and Coles and indeed the Insurance Groups

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