Apr 20, 2012

Rundle: pursuit of Assange a product of fraught Swedish sex crime politics

Comparison between the evidence given by Anna Ardin, the complainant attached to the first three accusations, and the legal wording of the key complaint by her against Assange, show that it matches almost word-for-word a paragraph in a high-profile 2009 Amnesty International Report on sex crimes in the Nordic countries.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Within weeks or days, WikiLeaks supremo and now TV host Julian Assange will find out from the UK Supreme Court whether he is to be extradited to Sweden for further questioning on four accusations (no charges have been laid) on sexual matters — two misdemeanour “annoyance” accusations, one of sexual coercion and one of third degree sexual assault/rape.

Now, in a case already mired in controversy, new evidence has come to light, which suggests that the testimony of one of the complainants has been fabricated in order to supply sufficient evidence to “fit” a criminal charge.

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8 thoughts on “Rundle: pursuit of Assange a product of fraught Swedish sex crime politics

  1. mikeb

    Scary stuff. I’m staying clear of Sweden.

  2. Clytie

    On the domestic violence issue, a cooling off period after assault is a very good idea, but surely an (adequately supported) restraining order would be much less damaging to that family and society in general than imprisoning someone without hearing evidence and making a reasoned judgement.

    The whole “presumption of guilt” thing is reminiscent of mob rule.

  3. Almuhit

    Thank god the medical profession ended my sex life I could not bear today’s sexual politics. Time was two people wanted to get it on and it was fun. No means no and was always the great turn off who wants to have sex with an unwilling other as for condoms gld I missed them. The Swedes sound crazy who lets a rapist stay for a week? Assange must not be given to the yanks by our weak and immoral leaders.

  4. cannedheat

    Wonder if any of this effort would have been made if the culprit was say a bass player in a touring band or a nobody from Bristol on holiday? No, thought not. Also wonder how much budget has been burnt in this case that could have been used dealing with shall we say more serious cases?

  5. Liz45

    @CLYTIE – “cooling off period after assault”? Why is it a good idea. A first time abuser doesn’t usually stop there, and if it’s a recurring situation, who benefits from a cooling off period? Certainly not the woman. (overwhelming majority of victims are women and kids by men).

    It’s only three decades or so when a man could rape his wife in Australia without committing a crime? The 1970’s in some States, the 80’s in others? This should give an indication of how attitudes to women were then, and although we’re progressing, attitudes and incidents need even more attention. The incidents are still shamefully too high, even when other crimes have decreased, such as burglaries etc.

    Domestic Violence is a human rights issue, and should be treated accordingly.

    A large proportion of women who are murdered by their husband/partner have an AVO against him. In fact, in NSW a new homicide dept was set up last year I believe. With the coroner’s office, public prosecutions etc they will re-examine past deaths of women, even those that may have looked like suicides – to take another look at the history – were there claims of abuse, how they were treated, what can be learnt for the future, and keeping better records of reporting, follow up etc.

    A woman is murdered every 7-10 days by her husband/partner in Australia. This is a very high incidence of violence resulting in murder.

    In the case of Julian Assange, it seems to be that the Law is being used against him in order to detain him while the US trump up some charges against him. Why would a person who hasn’t been charged with any crime be under house arrest for what, 6 months? More! This is appalling and has Bush/Obama ‘justice’ all over it.

    Nobody is more against perpetrators of rape than I am, but this smells – badly! Besides, Julian doesn’t exhibit any abusive characteristics as far as I can tell – and I’ve a ‘nose’ for these things? Personal experience and years of other women’s experiences! I could shock you badly!

  6. Simon

    I can see the UK judiciary throwing Assange to Sweden as a way to have as little to do with that mess as possible.

  7. Liz45

    If he goes to Sweden, I predict that it won’t be long before he’s in the US? Still without being charged with anything! Scary stuff!

  8. CrazedLeper

    Can someone explain why the word “SEX” is constantly censored? How unnecessary is that? Are we not all adults here? how many children do you suppose are hiding under a bed sneaking a peek at this racy article?

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