There’s no doubt that the Axis of Awesome know what they’re doing. Now entering their sixth year as a musical comedy trio, they play to sell out audiences around the world, and their ‘Four Chords’ song have been seen by an impressive amount of people on YouTube.

By now there’s probably a fair few comedy fans in Melbourne who have seen one of their shows.

If you’re one of them, you’ll be relieved to know that as you try to cram as many shows as you can into the final week, Axis of Awesome have delivered one that you can safely give a miss.

As Jordan, Lee and Benny saunter out on stage, unapologetic that they’re running twenty minutes late, they comfortably settle into a show that is taken from the cookie-cutter template of their previous efforts.

There’s a few classics making a welcome return, one or two new songs that are undeniably catchy and memorable (‘How to Write a Love Song’ and ‘Can You Hear the F–king Music Coming Out of my Car’) and the rest get a bit lost in the wash.

A copious amount of gags are once again based around Benny’s height, and there’s a dusting off of short musical parodies based on changing a line in a song (in a previous show it was ‘S-x is on Fire’ by Kings of Leon, this time it was Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’).

All of this amounts to a great show if you haven’t seen them before. Axis of Awesome are a quality act, but by retreading their old material they’re essentially (and maybe appropriately, given the name) delivering the same stuff that they have since 2006. As they finally made a half-hearted effort at beginning their keynote ‘Four Chord Song’ and plugged their merchandise for the fourth time, I couldn’t help but think that they seemed as bored of it all as the audience.

The Axis of Awesome World Tour 2006 is on at the Hi-Fi Bar, Tuesday to Saturday at 9:30pm-ish, Sunday 8:30pm, until April 22nd.