Apr 16, 2012

Greens will survive the Brown-out

There's something cruelly ironic about the departure of Bob Brown.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


There’s something cruelly ironic about the departure of Bob Brown, and the subsequent coverage of it — the acres of identikit propagandorial cost the death of countless trees to cover the career of a man whose life’s work was to save them.

Throughout News and Fairfax, national correspondents with zip to go on — because they rarely bother to talk to individual Greens senators about their beliefs, priorities and pollies — tried to conduct some sort of guessing game about the likely effect of Brown’s departure. Was Christine Milne too strident for the public to take to? Would the Greens go the way of the Democrats? Was this departure a product of factional splits within the Greens? The Democrats, would the Greens go the way they had gone? Was there conflict between state and federal branches? Would the Greens, suffer, well the Democrats, you know what happened to them?

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51 thoughts on “Greens will survive the Brown-out

  1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    “The MSM depress gallery”. Classy. I like it.

  2. Pamela

    Thanks Guy for a more intelligent analysis of the Greens and Bobs decision than the glut of crap in the weekend papers , many repeating endlessly known facts, it is refreshing to read a more insightful piece.
    Particularly sickening was the Henny Penny- Bobs Gone- sky will fall scenario- wishful thinking more like it.
    Christine has more intelligent ideas to contribute to this nation than the flock of far right fundos currently masquerading as LIBS and LABS in the Parliament.

  3. cairns50

    great article, its such a pity the labor party does not

    listen to what its members want, ie for the labor party to return

    to being the progressive force in australian politics, not just another

    right wing party

    i would like to ask anna bligh ex qld premier, one question

    assuming you would have lost the election just held anyway

    do you think you would have lost as many seats at the election

    , if you had not pursued your stupid idiotic privatisation

    agenda ? which a large marjority of qld voters did not want

    if your answer is yes, than that just tells me how far removed

    the alp is from progessive thinking australian voters

  4. paddy

    Well worth the price of admission Guy.

  5. wilful

    Yeah. There’s a reason or three you don’t get a gig in News Ltd papers…

  6. bmason6

    Great article. Although, whilst Deep Ecology is about ‘fitting man into nature’ (what kind of nature does man not fit in?) I think you have misconstrued it. It is about embracing ecology as the science of the 21st century and reconverting economics accordingly rather than an Atomistic/Hobbesian/Newtonian world order. Whilst there may be some who suggest that we have to radically depopulise, shut down industries and live on carrots, there are some serious thinkers promoting inspiring visions i.e. Arran Gare, John Cobb Jnr.

  7. Fry Suzie

    “…a Green politics of collective ownership of the planet fits into a wider notion of radical equality — which then necessitates a commitment to same-s-x marriage. Rather than being a grab-bag of progressive policies, this approach puts a whole series of social and environmental policies on a common ground. It’s a philosophy with which the Greens can go consistently into the future.”

    Here’s hoping you are right about that Guy.

  8. Tom McLoughlin

    I’ve done some blogging on this kind of thing after mulling over it for a few days (metaphorically not literally, a clarification perhaps necessary when discussing “greens”).

    I’m not convinced the critics of Rhiannon’s socialism are being honest about sick capitalism post GFC, and expected GFC 2.

    (Can one estimate be true of cost greater then WW1, the Great Depression, WW2, Vietnam War and Space Race combined?)

    Perhaps the critics might also say she was not transparent about her past either. As for the provenance of joining the Greens NSW – until the big media learn up on the Geoff Ash dimension they are just displaying their ignorance.

    As for the BDS – two words will suffice – Yigal Amir.

  9. Modus Ponens

    Christian Kerr of the Australian is the worst offender. He makes no effort to understand teh party he despises so much and looks like a goose talking about ‘factions’.

    “a challenge to the deputy spot was likely to come from Ludlam, also from the left faction”

    What a tool.

  10. Pete from Sydney

    “Throughout News and Fairfax, national correspondents with zip to go on — because they rarely bother to talk to individual Greens”….you wrote this from where?

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