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Apr 16, 2012

Wielding power in Canberra, a how-to

Today Bernard Keane kicks off his series on the nature of power in Canberra, and who wields it, for The Power Index.

In a recent interview with Bernard Keane, the now former leader of the Greens expressed some misgivings about the world of Australian politics that he was just about to leave behind.


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One thought on “Wielding power in Canberra, a how-to

  1. AR

    Ipsos were interviewing people” would be, given IPSOS is an entity, WAS. As for the unsurprising conclusion of the precis, “a pox on both their houses..” well knock me down with a feather.
    When is the electorate going to realise that the ,ajors are simply whiolly owned subsidiaries of vested interests and vote Independent.
    Better a parochial with integrity than a party hack.

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