Using children in the climate-change debate

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Climate change and the Institute of Public Affairs::

Keith Thomas writes: Re. “Teachers, scientists slam IPA for sending Plimer book to schools” (Thursday, item 5). Matthew Knott reported on the IPA sending a particular, sceptical book on climate change to schools. I would guess that schools receive more publications on climate change from the mainstream. Both sceptics and mainstream piously justify their own actions — but do so using different frames of reference.

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5 thoughts on “Using children in the climate-change debate

  1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Glen Frost writes that: “Communities want to see an effective police presence and they want a more effective war on drugs; politicians need to ensure we are safe and they have laws that catch the importers, distributors and the retailers.”

    It is completely unrealistic, even irrational, to link the writing of legislation (what politicians do) to the catching of criminals (what police do). Nearly all politicians, most police forces and a large proportion of the community actually believe that cops on the beat, sniffer dogs at the train station and dawn-raiding drug squads are completely ineffectual in changing any aspect of the drug trade. I think that is because drug abuse is a health issue not a crime/police/legal justice issue.
    Of course Glen is entitled to his/her opinion but I wonder how much evidence is required and in what form to change such opinions?

  2. JamesH

    Keith Thomas draws a false equivalence between the IPA and the various departments of education.
    Schools have a responsibility to present the best, most accurate knowledge of the world available to their students, and this is true whatever strange beliefs their parents might subscribe to. the IPA labours under no such duty of care.

  3. Gavin Moodie

    I welcome highlighting the Coalition’s hypocrisy in complaining about Fair Work Australia’s investigation of Thomson but apparent tolerance of the Australian Wheat Board’s breach of UN sanctions. But please don’t wish Brandis on us.

  4. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Wow, Glen Frost. Did you know that Bob Carr lost a relative to drugs? I find it hard to believe that your son being on a train with someone who has drugs on their person _not_ really a frightening prospect.
    And your last paragraph agrees with Mr. Carr, and not at all with your argument, unless, you’re proposed that the drug bigwigs also travel on trains?

  5. Hoojakafoopy

    Now I get it! No wonder Bob Carr wants the cops & sniffer dogs off the trains. He must have a hell of a time in his limo, with the chauffeur swerving all over the road, trying to avoid all those “scumbags” and “druggies” who have to drive now that they’ve been warded off public transport. Thanks for opening my eyes Glen Frost. I only worry for the safety of your son in a couple of years, when he gets his drivers license…

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