Apr 5, 2012

Delahunty: what’s next in Campbell’s cultural cull?

Under Campbell Newman, the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards are no more, writes Mary Delahunty, journalist, author, Victoria’s longest-serving arts minister, and CEO of Writing Australia.

The brass buttons are hardly attached to Major Campbell Newman’s new uniform as Premier after a stunningly successful campaign to take virtually all political territory and obliterate the opposition, when he draws his sword and cuts down the literary awards in his own name. The new Premier, who spent 13 years in the army reaching the rank of Major, Royal Australian Engineers, and with the nickname “Noddy”, has drawn blood in the sunshine state.


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8 thoughts on “Delahunty: what’s next in Campbell’s cultural cull?

  1. Michael

    @MARY DEL….

    Maria look on the bright side, Campbell could have been to tally honest and said what we all thing, that you freeloaders should get a job that pays for your hobby.

  2. Coaltopia

    If we look to our fellow eastern-seaboardists, we might get some hints.

  3. paddy

    [He was bitten by a dog at a thank you barbecue for uniformed campaign cadets in his new seat of Ashgrove. ]
    What the heck was Firstdogonthemoon doing at a BBQ in Ashgrove?
    Or have I got it all wrong and was Amanda Vandstone attending the soiree with her beloved pooch Gus?

  4. Michael

    The bio states ‘Journalist and author Mary Delahunty was Victoria’s longest-serving Arts Minister and is CEO of Writing Australia’, but fails to mention for which party. I wonder ……….

  5. AR

    The $250K is irrelevant as a Budgetary saving, not even 1% of the Premier’s office budget let alone the State. It was intended as a kick to the bien pissants & latte sippers, the standard target for the ratbag right and their lumpen camp followers.

  6. hilary linstead

    Given that $250K barely makes a dent in the Queensland budget cuts, it would be a good idea if Campbell Newman were to think for a brief moment about the ‘soul’ of his state and realise that the Arts are an Essential ingredient to the psyche of us all – PLEASE do not tear away at the well-being of citizens who so keenly need to understand and receive emotional sustenance in the chaotic world in which we live . Do Not cut artists off at the knees. Emulate the wonderful example of the Neil Balnaves Foundation which has just announced its support of a fellowship to Belvoir Theatre for the development and support of indigenous writing . Hilary Linstead

  7. solsmaster

    `The b-b-q dog was Qld Labor’s last remaining attack dog.

    I think the nomination of Hick’s book at last years awards might have had some influence on Newmans decision. It was the ultimate indication the PLA’s in QLD had become a political vehicle. Why would the community be expected to pay for that?

  8. Michael

    PLA Awards should have been included as an annual $250k political donation to ALP

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