Retired right-wing cartoonist Larry Pickering has portrayed Julia Gillard as a dildo-wielding rapist in a cartoon on his website. The illustrator, popular during the 1970s, continues to claim to be "Australia’s most political and notorious cartoonist", although his solitary shtick appears to have been drawing public figures with genitals. Pickering has faded from view in recent years, and most recently hit the headlines courtesy of a fraud probe relating to a sports betting organisation.

In two cartoons on his website, Pickering shows Gillard wearing a strap-on d-ldo. One cartoon from a week ago shows Gillard apparently trying to charm Campbell Newman, accompanied by a figure that, judging by the comments, is intended to be Bob Brown, although it’s hard to tell (it looks more like former right-wing senator and Treasury Secretary John Stone than Brown). "You're a naughty boy, Larry," says one commenter, in between misogynist abuse of Gillard. "Maybe Gillard in this caricature + Brown & the usual Union suspects with Australia on the ground in a rape scenario," another commenter urges Pickering.

Pickering appears to have taken up the inspired suggestion, because this week he portrayed Gillard -- who has been on the end of a series of misogynistic abuse from anti-carbon tax protesters over the last year -- about to anally penetrate a man strapped face down to a surgical table aided by Wayne Swan and Greg Combet, with the suggestion "it will help cool the planet". Gillard is called a "c-nt" in the comments below the cartoon.