Apr 3, 2012

Rudd & Oz Network saga: everyone cast ‘in a poor light’

No sensible observer could deny that the protracted and aborted tender process for the Australia Network contract was a schemozzle from start to finish. The Auditor-General agrees, writes David Salter.

No sensible observer could deny that the protracted — and eventually aborted — tender process for the contract to provide the Australia Network satellite TV service was a shemozzle from start to finish.

This was Labor administrative ineptitude at its finest, and they’re not getting off lightly. Today came word the government will pay the legal bills (around $2 million, according to The Australian) of the unsuccessful tenderer, the part Murdoch-owned Sky News.

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28 thoughts on “Rudd & Oz Network saga: everyone cast ‘in a poor light’

  1. bluepoppy

    Just one more reason why Rudd had to go as PM.

    I for one am mightily sick of gameplaying, manipulation and chessboard style of politics. The public is over it and expect more from a sitting PM. That is, good and fair policy in representing the best interests of the electorate. Enough of this celebrity US style perpetual electioneering and manouvering. Is that too much to ask for?

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    Actually it was a good thing in light of scandal after scandal surrounding Murdoch or has everyone forgotten that already.

    We did not need Sky telling Asia who we are when Sky hire wall to wall racists.

  3. twobob

    I have in the past been scathing of the deposition of Rudd by Gillard.
    I don’t feel that way anymore.
    Rudds role in this has diminished him very much in my eyes.

  4. shepherdmarilyn

    Twobob, you are an idiot.

    It was right not to give the bloody tender to Sky News.

  5. John64

    “It was never that simple. Rudd and DFAT wanted an active role in programming the content of AN. They also wanted the service to open up large tranches of air time for re-broadcasts of official Chinese TV material”

    Now that is dodgy.

    Incidentally, why does the Australian Government want to re-broadcast Chinese TV material? I mean, isn’t this supposed to be an “Australian” Australia Network?

  6. PK93

    Bluepoppy, you’ve nailed it.

  7. PK93

    Shepherdmarilyn, are you a child, perchance?

    Rudd skewed the process so that Sky WOULD be awarded the tender. Apparently to either spite the government he was a part of or to reward the forces that helped bring him down in the hope that they would support his long drawn out campaign to undermine Gillard.

    Is there anyone left who thinks Rudd was of suitable character to remain prime minister?

    Perhaps only those with inadequate critical thinking skills who cannot discern between democracy and rank populism

  8. klewso

    That’s our Kevin – he seems to enjoy being bitch-slapped, as long as he gets to choose who does it, and to him, size does seem to matter …. and is there bigger slapper around than his?

  9. shepherdmarilyn

    Rudd could not do anything of the kind, he was one man in the cabinet and the claims that he wanted some part of Murdoch in the tent are ludicrous because by then the relationship between Murdoch’s and Rudd was utterly toxic.

    That is just a claim made up by the author of this rant.

    Claims are not facts, they are claims and anyone who has read Robert Manne’s essay on Murdoch is well aware that by the time of the SKy process the fact is Rudd hated the Murdoch lot and would not do them a single favour.

    And no I am almost 60.

  10. Delerious

    Boy this is the biggest argument I’ve had to despise Rudd but sadly it falls flat. It still doesn’t explain the dirt that was constantly being spun on Rudd during his time as PM. If Labor ‘fessed up and outed the guys who had been doing this I may consider moving forward but they won’t so Rudd still gets the benefit of the doubt.

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