‘You won’t find everything that I say funny,’ said Jimeoin in a strangely prophetic way. ‘You won’t even pay attention all the time. You’ll fade in and out, but thats okay.’

Whether he was speaking from experience of not, Jimeoin was strangely on the money. For the next hour,  Australia’s token Irish comedian proceeded to make a few weak jokes that dragged a chuckle from the audience, pulled some expressive faces, and reiterated his warning that you won’t find everything in his show particularly funny.

He seemed to be able to judge how much of a laugh he would get, and comfortably aimed for middle of the range. ‘Look at this shirt!’ He said, picking up a shirt from a nearby stool. ‘I can’t believe I bought this!’ That was the sole purpose of bringing the shirt onstage. He was rewarded with a chuckle.

At one point he opened an exercise book and started to read out random jokes, ticking them off as he went. What was the deal with pens that only worked when you scribble? No punch line. He was awarded with a chuckle.

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Much of Jimeion’s comedy came from banal, unremarkable observations. Often there was no punch line attached to these, just the occasional expressive eyebrow raise and exaggerated mime that he is known for – why yes, it is difficult to walk through a revolving door at a normal pace.

His effort on the electric guitar at the close of the show was mildly notable, perhaps because nothing else from his hour on stage stood out. In that respect, it needs to be said that Jimeoin’s show achieved what it set out for. It didn’t set the bar particularly high – the title ‘lovely’ doesn’t sound like it promises too much – but at least it reached it.

Jimeoin in Lovely is on at the Athenaeum Theatre Tuesday to Saturday 7pm and Sunday at 6pm from March 28 to April 15.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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