Mar 29, 2012

An hour to ponder why Fairfax bothers turning off the lights

It surely can’t be long before Fairfax finally tiptoes away from their embarrassing Earth Hour commitment, says David Salter. It's nothing but an advertising con.

It surely can’t be long before Fairfax finally tiptoes away from their embarrassing Earth Hour commitment. Saturday night’s switch-off might be the last. Not even Bob Brown at his most fatuous would now claim the stunt has any significant environmental benefits.

The whole fandango, if accurately measured, most probably has a bigger carbon footprint than whatever small savings the 60 minutes of “lights out” might deliver. But it’s not the climate science that troubles us so much here as whether such important media outlets as The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald should be involved at all.

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23 thoughts on “An hour to ponder why Fairfax bothers turning off the lights

  1. Frank Campbell

    How rare this is on Crikey (or anywhere)- deft, swingeing critique.

    An example of what Crikey might do if it weren’t suffocated by shallow partisanship and political correctitude…

    This the second or third straw in the wind on this site- blown I think by the belated realisation that progressive politics is hemorrhaging (Qld vote) -and that climate millenarianism is expiring. Not unconnected processes…

  2. Generic Person

    Luxury cars and 4WDs are in many cases more fuel efficient than ‘non-luxury’ alternatives, but this is Crikey. Class warfare is the norm.

  3. Bob the builder

    Earth Hour – the real-world equivalent of a facebook petition.

  4. Michael


    Here here Frank!!
    Here here Dave Salter!!
    After all these years of entering this dirty, greasy little Crikey site and washing thoroughly after exiting, at last, a sensible newsworthy, informative, unbiased article.
    For those of us who pay our Crikey dues only to keep track of the luntics in the “coocoo’s nest” this is quite a moment.

  5. gapot

    Everybody has to make a buck, we all know that the real problem is the government telling lies. If the GMH gift were about anything they would stop making big cars and stop the tax breaks for leased cars, which would be 10 times more effective than earth hour.

  6. Sean Doyle

    What’s wrong? Is Salter worried that he won’t get enough readers for this piece due to the News Ltd. paywall? Very charitable of Crikey to inflict his article on their paying subscribers too so. Although perhaps in future, Crikey will read a submission all the way to the end and follow Salter’s suggestion of fellow media company Fairgax by giving us the news and analysis we subscribers have paid for rather than the Boltesque drivel printed above.

  7. Neil Walker

    Agreed. Earth Hour is and always has been a bit of a farce.

    Earth Hour is indeed nothing more than an advertising agency devised promo campaign to make all concerned look and feel good about themselves.

    It’s the Gruen effect. I enjoy watching The Gruen Transfer to gain some insight into how advertisers work but the biggest sales pitch they make is trying to portray themselves as the good guys rather than just people who try to sell us stuff.

    Leo Burnett CEO Todd Sampson ‘is the co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative, which has been recognised as one the best ideas in the world’ apparently.


  8. MarkWW

    That’s one hell of a ‘cranky old man’ rant. So cranky it’s almost cute.
    Maybe Crikey should allocate a special place for COMs and their ranting.

  9. mrsynik

    We’ve missed you Mr Salter. Please return to the MW fold with Mr Littlemore asap.

  10. Edward James

    I did not get it ! Edward James

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