Mar 26, 2012

Queensland election: what happened on Saturday and why

Now then, to what happened on Saturday and why. The following list is by no means exhaustive.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

Now then, to what happened on Saturday and why. The following list is by no means exhaustive:

Negativity. Many decades from now, election campaigners will still speak in hushed tones of the day the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s announced it would not proceed with an investigation into Campbell Newman, forcing Anna Bligh to concede: “Right now all I have is questions, I don’t have enough answers from Mr Newman or enough material.” It was then that the Labor’s position deteriorated from disastrous to catastrophic. It is rapidly becoming the fashion to view this election as a morality tale about the dangers of negative campaigning, but this needs to be kept in perspective. When I assembled links to both parties’ television advertising on an earlier post, I found that the LNP campaign consisted of five positive ads and five attacks ads, which is presumably no coincidence: it is exactly how you would expect a balanced and effective campaign to look. The issue for Labor was the entirely personal nature of its attacks, to the extent that it took the appalling risk of involving Newman’s wife. As Dennis Atkins of The Courier-Mail reported on the eve of the election, Labor’s assault did have the LNP spooked in the middle of the campaign, albeit that it clearly need not have done if Newman hadn’t set himself the bar of Ashgrove to clear rather than just the foregone conclusion of a parliamentary majority. So clearly attacks on personal probity can achieve their desired end, but only if they squarely hit their mark. If they don’t, watch out. And if such attacks are all your campaign has had to offer, don’t expect voters to be receptive if you spend the final week pleading for sympathy.

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5 thoughts on “Queensland election: what happened on Saturday and why

  1. Delerious

    You forgot “lack-of-loyalty”. In 2001 Beattie won 66 of the 89 seats in what was considered a decimation of the National and Liberal Party. Considering the year before, in 2000, he had mass resignations because of political scandal and still went onto this scenario. Where was the loyalty to the LNP?

    I’m from WA living in QLD now and I was stunned by the lack-of-loyalty while standing at the booth in my electorate. If this happened before in QLD in 2001 then it means that in QLD somewhere along the line (I think under Jo) people stopped being loyal to parties. I’m starting to think QLD looks to strength of leadership and everything else is tinsle.

  2. Bohemian

    I think you will find that most of the dirty deals to sell out Qld to mining and other interests were done well before Anna Bligh became Premier. She took the hospital pass as a loyal soldier of the Party in return for who knows what. I guess we’ll find out some time in the next three years. Wonder if she knew what she was getting into? Wonder if Campbell Newman is prepared to expose the detritus?

  3. klewso

    “The media” – as you say, the view from Perth, but this election
    was fought after years of negativity aimed at the Left,
    by that same Murdoch press, with it’s paucity of competition for views,
    imagine if this election was going to be close how they’d have behaved?
    And it still came out, editorially, urging us to vote for their “Limited News Party” –
    now, after Queensland has rendered their verdict, the paper wants to
    dictate “appropriate policy”?

  4. klewso

    That (lack of doubt in the result) and the fact that Newman and the “Curry or Maul” had history, going back to when he was Brisbane mayor and took public offence at the paper trying to tell him how to
    run the place and do the job – not unlike the stable reaction to people like Conroy, Brown, Overland and others that take offence and go public, at that use of resources, coupled to the lack of the lack of competition for view, and that influence on perception, in the bullying m.o. they employ to get their way – as unelected as they are.

  5. May Colin

    The labor brand is damage: Ever since Julian Gillard backstabbing the peoples choice Prime minister the labor brand have been seriously damage every state has been lost to the other side of polictics and she just won cause she lie to the other politicians for their support to get labor over the line. Pollies need to talk to the majority of people ask what they want? Most will say KR as Pm, I know he hasn’t said anything but I know if he was ask to take the job he would. It would make a lot of people happy. See labor doesnt get it, we vote the people in and we vote them out just like we did with JW Howard and Anna Bright and whoever is in power. If you don’t like it bad luck. As long as JG is in power she will never get the support of most of people and labor will go down in history as a thing of the pass.

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