Mar 23, 2012

Queensland election: the final countdown

Crikey media wrap: It's Anna Bligh's last full day as Premier of Queensland, with the Liberal National Party expecting an easy victory for new leader Campbell Newman at the polls tomorrow.

Amber Jamieson — Freelance journalist in New York

Amber Jamieson

Freelance journalist in New York

It's Anna Bligh's last full day as Premier of Queensland, with the Liberal National Party expecting an easy victory for new leader Campbell Newman at the polls tomorrow. The front page of today's Courier-Mail shows just how grim things are for the Labor team ...

Ashgrove, the seat that Newman is battling incumbent Labor MP Kate Jones for, has been the most contentious of the campaign. But a new poll from Galaxy shows a boost for Newman, writes William Bowe at Crikey's Poll Bludger:
"Just as Galaxy arrived a week ago to support ReachTEL’s contention that Kate Jones had hit the lead in Ashgrove, so it has emerged on the eve of polling day to confirm that Campbell Newman has surged ahead. Whereas last week’s Galaxy poll had the two locked together on 45% of the primary vote, the latest survey of 800 voters conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday evening gives Newman a resounding lead of 52% to 38%, with Jones’s 51.5-48.5 two-candidate lead transformed into a 55-45 lead for Newman."
That poll represents the whole government, argues Dennis Atkins in The Courier-Mail:
"It's the death notice of a 13-year-old government, being chased out of town by an angry mob otherwise known as voters. It might just be a poll on one seat in Brisbane but this seat happens to be this election."
Not that Anna Bligh is sitting at home waiting for defeat. Jared Owens in The Australian wrote a list of all Bligh's ridiculous activities from the hustings yesterday (in order):
  • walked the shopping strip of Bulimba;
  • presented students with awards in Greenslopes;
  • played carpet bowls with seniors in Chatsworth;
  • announced an alcohol crackdown in Mount Coot-tha;
  • toured the Northern Busway in Stafford;
  • joined Bob Hawke in Ashgrove;
  • visited a leagues club in Everton;
  • was swamped by schoolchildren in Ferny Grove;
  • drank tea at a neighbourhood centre in Pine Rivers;
  • scored back-to-back spares in Morayfield;
  • lobbied RSL club patrons in Kallangur;
  • strolled a shopping centre in Murrumba;
  • exercised at the Dolphins Club in Redcliffe;
  • sang The Eagles' Take It Easy with journalists in Lytton;
  • witnessed paper cup production in Woodridge;
  • canvassed night-shift workers in Logan;
  • inspected a warehouse in Algester;
  • cuddled a sick RSPCA puppy in Inala; and
  • greeted newborns at Ipswich General Hospital.
Journalists from the campaign trail have been tweeting various amusing photos and snippets from the leaders' shenanigans. Bridie Jabour from the Brisbane Times offered up this pic of Bligh, adding "I would laugh but we [are] all dressed like this":

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41 thoughts on “Queensland election: the final countdown

  1. zut alors

    Anna Bligh could execute a moon landing and it still wouldn’t alter the swing by a fraction of 1%.

    But the shine will tarnish on the LNP in record time.

  2. Edward James

    Those who want to stop the way we are misgoverned will vote LNP and put Labor and any Labor supporters last on a below the line vote, Labor needs to be broken apart not just out of government. These same voters will be ready to vote for change again, the next time they vote. And they will keep voting below the line and directing their own preferrences until they start getting politicians who are ready to give us all honest open government. Well I can still dream. Edward James

  3. dissillusioned

    We are all doomed! The LNP are already making promises they cant keep (e.g. putting a lid on electricity prices will either hit the dividends or the CSO to Ergon). Maybe Campbell has a money tree? Is there really that much waste in the system and these guys who havent really governed QLD for 20 years are going to find it and fix it? WAKE UP NEWMAN YOU ARE DREAMING

  4. botswana bob

    As an Ashgrove voter I’m glad its coming to an end. Jones and the ALP waged a clever campaign but I think the turning point was when a leaflet attacking Newman’s wife was sent around. Throwing dirt at Newman seemed to be having an effect but many saw sledging his spouse as too much. Jones faded in the polls after that. She’s now trying water power–sobbing in interviews–but it won’t work.

    The ALP is headed for oblivion simply because it was an arrogant under preforming government. It shows again that governments lose elections, oppositions don’t win them.The contradictions in the Pineapple Party–LNP–will all too soon become apparent with coal gas. The Liberal wing loves it the National cockies hate it.

  5. michael matusik

    bloody hell – isn’t anything sacred anymore – i like the eagles – now bligh has even wrecked that too!

  6. Fascinated

    From a distant place:
    Katter’s mob seem an odd group (and a couple could do with some lessons in good taste) but they have one or two suprise candidates who seem decent and could do well.
    The Greens will soldier on, their determination to keep to principles is their key to survival and growth.
    The ALP could lose its best – all for a wont of national party reform and selling the silver-though Bligh and Fraser have actually impressed with their work ethic.
    The LNP faces a resurrection of its archive of old demons, with lots of pork barrells to deliver, and squabbling over budget share. The pecking order will be fascinating. Will rich interests run the state?
    An LNP win might give the party supporters an initial buzz of hubris, the voters might get a taste of ‘revenge’, but it wont be necessarily end up sweetness and light. Funnily enough everyone is going to be watching very carefully.

  7. Mal White

    I hope there is a strong message for our politicians, Labor or Liberal, State or Federal, STOP RACKING UP LARGE DEBTS. In 1984 Queensland’s public debt was just about paid off, now it is 90 billion and still rising.

    Major loss of budget control occurred in Victoria under Cain/Kirner, NSW under Keneally and co, and QLD under Beattie/Bligh.
    At the Federal level it has blown out under Rudd/Swan. This is particularly galling as the hand over the heart promise “We are economic conservatives” was used many times by Rudd in order to get elected.
    Sadly, Tony Abbotts spending and taxation policies look just as mindless.

    Are there any politicians out there that can balance the books? On the brighter side I think Australians are getting more ruthless with politicians that can’t.

  8. Edward James

    @ Mal White. I certainly hope Australians are getting more ruthless with politicians. They deserve it! Edward James

  9. DeeToo

    In 2011 in Townsville I went to my very last Labour Day march. If you were there you will know why.

    If you were there and don’t know why, you weren’t listening to the “annual report”; as you may have been amongst those who were there only for the free beer and a long, loud chat with your mates; the long, loud chats that meant those in the crowd who wanted to hear could not.

    The “annual report” and other components of the day included reports on such gems as the disingenuous and directionless campaign on Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stolen Wages; the QCU Values campaign that is yet to happen; the failure to remove the ABCC questionably resting in Senate numbers; the failed “Shame Anna Shame” and other components of the half-hearted campaign against privatisation, amongst others.

    The deputy mayor of an LNP-based Townsville City Council (TCC) was permitted to address the crowd. This person was formerly a police officer with I am told a very poor relationships reputation and a representative of the Queensland Police well known as the suppressive and oppressive arm of governments. The QCU Townsville should not seek its sponsorship funding from the TCC at any time and irrespective of whatever party has control it should look elsewhere.

    If you are a true unionist from Townsville and weren’t there you already know why!

    If you have read your most recent union newsletter you may have already decided not to attend in 2012; it is as though the privatisation of tax-payer owned assets never occurred; it is as though the tripling of stamp duty on existing homes didn’t happen; it is as though a wide range of increases in the cost of living (way beyond inflation and wage increases), notably car registration, electricity and water, never happened; it is as though the forced amalgamation of local governments never happened; it is as though the state is not in debt of $85 billion; it is as though deputy premier and treasurer has not overseen the loss of a AAA international credit rating; it is though we have forgotten the continuing massive job losses, the increasing high rate of unemployment and the abysmal high rate of youth unemployment; it is as though all of the recommendations of the Black Deaths in Custody Royal Commission were finally implemented in Queensland; it is as though the Queensland Health staff pay debacle never happened; it is though police are no longer permitted to investigate the crimes committed by police against citizens; and on and on it goes.

    If you have paid attention to Anna Bligh’s defamatory campaign against Campbell Newman you may have already decided never to vote for the ALP again. It is a mystery how any of this personal smear campaign against a man and his family is related to good governance of the state.

    I know which side I am on – I am on the side of the workers – and I have been so since I entered the workforce in the 1960s.

    I also know the ALP parliamentary and administrative wings are on the bosses side.

    Whose side are you on? I am not sure at all of the QCU stance which is calling for honesty in politics?

    I know it is the fault of the ACTU, the QCU and the respective presidents and their predecessors.

    These people have let the religious far right AWU and SDA take control of the Party, at all levels.

    There is another disingenuous little gem that is solely the doing of the QCU; it is the Charter for Working Queenslanders. The false premise of this campaign is that once a candidate makes a commitment to do or not do something the Queensland ALP Cabinet will not over-rule any individual commitments made by a candidate or member. The retiring member for Mundinburra , the member for Townsville and the member for Thuringowa were all forced by the Cabinet to support the decisions on privatisation: these people failed to represent the people in their electorate. They also failed the people of their electorate again recently over the issue of a failure to fund the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Townsville Hospital.

    As for the civil unions legislation it might be considered genuine if it was actually marriage equality for all people but as it is now it is just an election stunt perpetrated by the deputy premier.

  10. Edward James

    I was there as an invited guest when the Prime Minister handed out several community awards at Ettalong just before midday on Friday. I am as confident Mr. Newman will take Ashgrove as I am Labor will be swept from the Queensland Parliament and into the street, because Labor is being dismantled by voters who have had a gut full of lying politicians. I trust the expected voter rejection of Labor party members may result in far less than nineteen Labor party members in the the Queensland State Parliament. Whatever the result by Sunday morning Australians particularly our politicians will have a clear sign post pointing to the deserved future of Labor Party members Nationally. Edward James

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