Mar 22, 2012

ALP eyes Obama’s tech bandwagon to beat Abbott

A source inside the ALP's national office told Crikey this morning that the Blue State Digital campaign tools forged in the fire of Howard Dean's 2004 presidential tilt will be closely considered by Labor to extract micro-donations and online participation from a cynical populace.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

The ALP is considering jumping on the campaign technology that helped Barack Obama win the White House in its bid to beat off Tony Abbott in 2013.


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18 thoughts on “ALP eyes Obama’s tech bandwagon to beat Abbott

  1. wilful

    Dear Crikey editors, please don’t use the term “Bama” to refer to Obama. It’s a silly little unnecessary affectation that gets in the way of communication.



  2. Gavin Moodie

    Another possible application is the ACTU’s your rights at work campaign, altho the comrades seem to have spent a bit rebuilding the campaign site.

  3. Bohemian

    Including the bogus online voting machines where you program in the result you want?

  4. Limited News

    Obama’s success online was probably because his Wall Street sponsors were able to cloak contributions as coming from disparate individuals – though not to hide the source of donations, rather to create a PR phenomenon. So it won’t necessarily work for the ALP.

  5. SusieQ

    Perhaps they wouldn’t need such sophisticated tools if they governed properly (that goes for all political parties…..).

  6. klewso

    Straight to “Step 3”?
    Surely the first step is “Have a G.W. Bush for eight years”?
    And “Step 2 : Run a Palin-drone as back-up/second string opposition kwarter-back (in case of emergency) for the opposition side!”?

  7. John64

    All they need now is the Obama – then they might actually have a chance.

  8. Suzanne Blake

    @ Bohemian

    “Including the bogus online voting machines where you program in the result you want?”

    If Bruce Hawker is involved there will surely be trickery.

    People have turned off dishonest Gillard, so unless a white knight rides in, they are terminal, like Bligh

  9. AR

    The disappointment of the Obama election was that, having garnered the individual support of vast numbers, won in a landslide with a huge, unquestioned mandate and control of BOTH Houses (after the vexatious legal challenges), he then reverted to the status quo of DC.
    For some bizarre reason, he tried to “reach across the aisle” to Repugs who loathed his very existence & all his supporters stood for, equity, decent welfare, universal health care, cessation of foreign adventures etc ad nauseam. Surprise, surprise (NOT!) he was spurned – the more he compromised the more the Repugs shifted their demands to the extremes, and STILL he tried to treat them as if they were semi sentient, decent human beings. Bad move.
    So, despite such whizzgamee stuff, the current federal goverment should just try to legislate for the common weal (I know, I know, a weird concept), use the next 15-18 months to show what a real Labor government can/should/ought to do and trust to the latent good sense of the electorate.
    It rejected mad John Hewson as the feral abacus he was (though, like Frazer, out of the spotlight he has found a worthwhile purpose) and elected the Rodent, not out of love or even respect but because of the paltry alternative.
    When paltry, unprincipled, visionless and unethical alternatives are imagined, can there be a worse prospect than the MM & his unlovely cohort?

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