What has so enraged Clive Palmer that he would go so far as to, well, say this?

“You only have to go back to read the Church report in the 1970s and read the reports to US Congress which sets up the Rockefeller Foundation as a conduit of CIA funding.

“You only have to look at the secret budget that was passed by Congress last year, bigger than our whole national economy, that the CIA’s got to ensure that.

“You only have to read the reports to US Congress, where the CIA reported to the President (Obama), that their role was to ensure US competitive advantage and economic advantage.

“That’s how you know it was funded by the CIA.

… The Greens in the coming (Queensland) state election, all their candidates should resign if they are being funded by an off-shore political power. It’s tantamount to treason.”

That’d be this Greenpeace strategy document, leaked a fortnight ago, which raises the potential use of legal challenges to disrupt coal mining projects.

Focus on the hypocrisy of a man who once listed “litigation” as a hobby in his Who’s Who profile. A man who brags about his 68-0 success rate in court cases. As The Power Index reported recently, Palmer’s targets include everyone from Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and deputy premier Andrew Fraser, to ANZ, the Gillard government, the University of Queensland, Hyatt Hotels and the Department of Defence.

If someone could kindly connect the dots between all of these players, above and beyond commercial interests of course, and then trace it all the way to the top, we’d have a conspiracy theory on par with Palmer’s CIA plot.

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