Mar 16, 2012

No ‘shemozzle’, but Gonski post raises governance questions

Peter Costello calls the process that has led to the appointment of David Gonski as chair of the Future Fund board of guardians "a shemozzle". Whether or not it was good practice is a matter for judgment, says Stephen Bartos.


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20 thoughts on “No ‘shemozzle’, but Gonski post raises governance questions

  1. Bruce Taylor

    Why anyone wishing to appoint the best possible candidate to this position would even consider a “gutless wonder” is anybody’s guess. Peter Costello has serious problems with an over-blown sense of entitlement and an unrealistic assessment of his own abilities. To hear him on the ABC’s 7.30 talking about the Future Fund as his own personal property almost made me puke. Those responsible for the appointment of Mr Gonski have made a considered and wise decision not to appoint Costello. Costello is , as Paul Keating so eloquently remarked, “…all tip and no iceberg”.

  2. rossco

    I assume Costello will now resign from the board as a matter of principle.

  3. David Allen


    He should except he has no principles and anyway who would give him a job now?

  4. seriously?

    I can’t believe (actually I can) that this “issue” has got the airplay it has – so Costello misses out out on getting a cushy job and we all have to hear him whinge about it. Hopefully his behavior in the past few days will deter others from ever appointing him to another role. And, as others have suggested, he should resign on principle. Anyway, the “future fund” – what a misleading title – is of little relevance to the so-called business community (who are apparently also upset about the appointment) as it is just a fund to pay the pensions for public servants.

  5. davidk

    And little Johnnie tells us Costello was our best ever treasurer. Is there no end to their self delusion?

  6. Cleaver

    Costello is too desperate. That alone is a good reason to drop him. The bigger question is how desperate was Gonski? He would have known very well that this would kick up a stink and he must have had an inkling of what was going down when he was asked to “review” but not recommend.
    Gonski hasn’t actually had much luck with board seats. He got Coke from his mate Dean Wills, a cushy in-house sort of gig. He got ASX because no-one really wanted it. He failed to get ANZ, which he sorely wanted. And he turned up on Therese Rein’s company board – how weird is that?? Kinda like the Eddie McGuire of the corporate world, but not really a big player. Makes you wonder about the FF, which appears already to have a heavy load of wood ducks.

  7. Suzanne Blake

    Stephen Conroy and Doug Cameron let the cat out of the bag, no need for an investigation.

    They dropped Penny Wong and dishonest Gillard in it as well

  8. Steve777

    Peter Costello is destabilising and damaging the reputation of the Board of the Future Fund with the help of his old mates in politics. The Government of the day appoints board members and the Chairman, not the current board members. Mr Costello doesn’t like the choice – fair enough. So he has a choice – shut up and work with his fellow board members to manage the fund, or if he wants to play politics, resign and go for it.

  9. BH

    Peter Costello was an embarrassment to all of us on 7.30 Report last night. He should now resign from the Board of the Future Fund and give Gonski the chance to unite the rest of the Board.
    Costello’s lack of entitlement for the position is evidenced by the dearth of job offers from the corporate section since his cowardice in not staying to fight for his beloved Liberal Party as LOTO.
    Good economic manager? Not in the eyes of many in the financial world.

  10. sparky

    Whining about another top job he wasn’t gifted.

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