Ranger uranium mine. Kakadu National Park NT. March 2012.

Over this past weekend I was lucky enough to spend an hour or so over parts of Kakadu National Park – and also above the Ranger uranium mine. What impressed most were the contrasts between the ugly glory that is the Ranger mine – smack in the middle of Kakadu – and the landscape that surrounds it.

We’ve had what locals call a “dry wet” but it seems finally to be getting itself into gear. We had some lovely late afternoon monsoonal storms and sunny mornings over the weekend and it was a great trip – no less so because of the trip home to Darwin through one of the wildest rain and thunder storms I’ve seen in many a year.

Here is what I saw through my windscreen for much of that drive.


As I write a few days later Darwin is bunkering down for the expected blast of the unnamed cyclone that hovers a few hundred kilometres to our south west. You can see more about that event at the BoM site here.

This we saw..

Ranger mine retention dam


Ranger mine infrastructure
Ranger - the hole and the hill.

The mine has it’s own beauties. But then we moved on to better places.

Sneaking around the rain
Across the escarpment

This is a land defined by water and the rivers that carry it.

Over the green and swollen river
and more ...
A creek cuts its way across the plateau.