Domain revamp confuses buyers. It was the revamped Domain property section in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald that was the weekend’s major talking point, especially as auctions were in their holding pattern — 56% in Sydney and 58% in Melbourne. The SMH Domain relaunch was acceding to the power of the developer dollar.

Previously, houses had their own distinct section, as did apartments — an unusual arrangement that had some merit. The paper didn’t explain to its readers any rationale, although agency franchise bosses were advised that Fairfax thinks home buyers are increasingly ambivalent about whether they want to buy a house or apartment these days. So the A-Z by suburb, separated into antiquated regions, will henceforth include houses and apartment alongside each other, which also has merit. But in between there will seemingly be towers of developer ads.

It was clear from Saturday’s edition the change was to the detriment of the section’s editorial coverage and at the expense of their mum-and-dad house advertising. There were seven whole-page developer ads in the first 21 pages of the Domain section. — Jonathan Chancellor of Property Observer (read the full story here)

Front page of the day. The massacre of 16 Afghan civilians — including nine children — by an American soldier has caused outrage in the US.

Australia on the list of ‘enemies of the internet’

“Global media watchdog organisation Reporters Without Borders has released its annual list of ‘Enemies of the Internet’, highlighting countries that restrict online freedom of expression.” — Mashable

WIN WA regional TV news bulletins axed on poor ratings

“WIN Television’s bold foray into regional Western Australia is all but over after less than five and a half years. ” — The Australian

Mark Dapin parts ways with SMH’s Good Weekend

“Mark Dapin has become one of the first major departures under new Good Weekend editor Ben Naparstek.” — mUmBRELLA

NY Times executive editor: news wants to be free

“Appearing at South by Southwest for the first time, New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson spoke frankly about the paper’s paywall at a panel dedicated to ‘The Future of The New York Times.’ Abramson said that she supports the pay wall but also thinks that ‘news wants to be free.'” — The Atlantic Wire

CNN rumoured to be in talks to buy Mashable

“The air at South by Southwest is apparently filled with rumors of a CNN acquisition of Mashable, a popular social media and tech news site.” — Slate

How does the Associated Press run a bureau in North Korea?

“After months of negotiation, the Associated Press opened a bureau in North Korea on Jan. 16, making it the first respected Western news organisation to have a full-time presence in the Hermit Kingdom.” — Foreign Policy