Mar 13, 2012

Mayne: Packer’s ill timed donation to Bob comes back to bite

While young Packer appears to have moved away from Scientology since his father’s death in late 2005, the puzzling ebbs and flows of his political associations are a little harder to fathom -- Bob Katter being the latest.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

When James Packer threw himself into Scientology after the disastrous One.Tel collapse in 2001, many eyebrows were raised, including his father’s.

According to veteran journalist Alex Mitchell, Kerry Packer made some late changes to his will, which ensured executors David Gonski and Lloyd Williams would be able to prevent Tom Cruise and his mates from getting their hands on the family fortune.

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6 thoughts on “Mayne: Packer’s ill timed donation to Bob comes back to bite

  1. cheryl hunt

    I think it is time we stop laughing at/with Katter. He is demonstrating his
    true nature with his homophophic slurs. As for Jamie Packer, his endorsement
    of Katter, shows he has not his father’s nouse. Jamie Packer makes his money
    off other peoples misery. Why am I not surprised!

  2. Malcolm Street

    “as Malcolm Turnbull demonstrated on Q&A last night, there is widespread disgust in moderate Liberal ranks about Bob Katter’s homophobic attack ads against Campbell Newman.”

    “If Campbell Newman is elected Queensland premier in 11 days, he would surely be sceptical about giving some Katter-backing southern billionaire control of Queensland’s three casinos.”

    Massive own goal by Packer, reducing his own chances of the Sydney casino and guaranteeing that if the LNP gets in and Newman doesn’t he will get the blame.

    What on earth was he thinking? Certainly doesn’t have the nous of his father or grandfather.

  3. John

    You mustn’t forget the past. Turnbull and Kerry Packer fell out over Tourang. James Packer should not get Malcolm Turnbull offside.

  4. AR

    I just feel ill when such a person, who makes his money out of other people’s misery, is lauded & feted by legislators who should know better.
    Let him relocate to Macau, where he is partner with that carbuncle’s gambling kingpin, and spare us any further sight or sound of him.

  5. klewso

    Ever get the feeling “the rich” live on some world above us, with most politicians to administer to their every whim – and look after the gate – while the politicians just like being agisted on those lush pastures, with the connections?
    That as long as the milk and honey are flowing, they’ll keep sucking – “elections costing what they do”?
    That maybe “we’re” all alone in our ordinariness?
    [Because we have to have somebody “up there” to keep reporting back to us down here – someone created “viewsmedia” – to cohabit up there?]

  6. Karen

    I think its about time that ordinary voters started joining the dots here. The political duopoly is utterly focussed on implementing public policy that deprives desperately needed tax revenue to the polity, in order to feed the bottom lines of billionaires. Hence, we have seen enormous pressure from the media driven by the billionaires to drop the pokies reform legislation which would have hit Packer’s and other powerful vested interests bottom line in the multi-millions (delivered by the ALP), the pressure to overturn the carbon and mining taxes (to be delivered by the Coalition), if not the High Court, courtesy of greedy Clive’s legal intervention with respect to challenging the validity of the carbon tax. And we are supposed to believe in this smoke and mirrors chimera of a “democracy” prosecuted by the political classes for the benefit of the general public!? Give me a break!

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