A brief comment on the KONY 2012 that has flooded social media over the last two days. I would suggest exercising extended  critical reflection on the issue before further circulating it. The issue is not as black and white as it is painted nor will any good solution come easily. Invisible Children’s suggestion of a military intervention will come at the cost of many lives and further destabilization to the region. The recent history of US interventions speak to this and any action should reflects events on the ground not the timing of a social media campaign.

If you really feel for the issue you owe it more than the initial emotional reaction such a video provokes. Read widely and open-mindedly the arguments for and against and then commit to this issue or another like it. I don’t say this out of cynicism but rather as a caution against what are very real dangers both now, and as a precedent for the future, associated with the ability of social media campaign to influence US foreign policy.


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xx Rob