Mar 5, 2012

Simons: I don’t like media inquiry’s call on enforced self-regulation

There is a point of view, represented in many of the submissions to the Fink, that the bad things about a free media are simply something we must put up with, in order not to throw out the free press baby with shitty bathwater of media misconduct.

Margaret Simons

Journalist, author and director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism

Bottom line: I don’t like the Finkelstein inquiry’s recommendation for enforced self-regulation for news media.


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2 thoughts on “Simons: I don’t like media inquiry’s call on enforced self-regulation

  1. klewso

    These bad opinion polls – just a media beat-up?
    Or not – and that’s why they won’t believe them?
    “If it’s not analysed and pre-digested by the media it can’t be real!”?
    And isn’t it a case of “Ethics are all right – as long as they’re confined
    to their own culture, race and religion.”?

    (Then again, if you’re only breathing in stale journo air…….
    can’t be good for you?)

  2. izatso?

    sigh….. self reg’s great for me ( Dad raises eyebrow….. ) but then I ain’t in business…. so the big clangin’ shutters smash down, for the practitioners of purveyed, perceived fer contrarians, well, their havin’ a fine ol’ ‘comment’ , wastin my time an yours…… so, yes give them a wake-up they cannot sidestep, for ‘being responsible’ is just for us sheep

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