It’s pretty easy to dismiss the Telstra T-Box as a gimmick device at the same level as Telstra’s T-Hub and the various other similar devices that serve as gateway devices for consumers lacking savviness. The device does continue to evolve on a software level, providing greater functionality with each upgrade. 2012 will likely be seen as the year that Telstra get heavily involved in transitioning towards being a content distributor. Telstra have dabbled with distributing content ever since the early days of Bigpond Cable, with the T-Box serving as the current iteration of those efforts. It’s also the iteration that will serve as a transitory technology to move their analogue media consumers toward their digital services on the horizon.

Cnet offer a good review of the T-Box HERE.

This week saw the introduction of functionality to the T-Box which allows users to stream video and audio files from external storage devices. It’s not a new idea and lots of people already have that functionality via other devices connected to their TV’s. But, it will have people using their T-Box a whole lot more.

On Televised Revolution we discuss the new T-Box functionality, the launch of Channel Ten’s new Breakfast program, this weeks Academy Awards, and discuss just how good Australian TV productions have been of late.

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