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Feb 29, 2012

Think Kevin & Julia are bad? Imagine if Romney was front runner

Romney, my God. The anti-candidate. As a GOP candidate, all he had to do was turn up to the NASCAR event and shovel down dogs. Instead, he said: "I have some great friends that are NASCAR team owners."

Wyoming has abandoned plans to buy an aircraft carrier. The landlocked wilderness state has hit the headlines after state assembly members proposed a bill to prepare the state for the collapse of the USA, and thus to create its own armed forces, a navy, including currency, etc, etc. After much national ridicule, the aircraft carrier provision was removed. Support for the bill subsequently collapsed. The state’s sole body of water is Lake Yellowstone, frozen over for six months of the year.


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15 thoughts on “Think Kevin & Julia are bad? Imagine if Romney was front runner

  1. Malcolm Street

    For further details on the Wyoming bill, see http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-rt-us-doomsday-wyomingtre81s05p-20120228,0,4574914.story. It was so crazy even a lot of state Republicans voted against it… Bit of a relief to know that there a limits even in the GOP in its current form.

    Re. Ayn Rand – history will be savage on her. She’ll be seen as a major cause of the decline of the USA.

  2. zut alors

    ‘He now looks like a tortoise bought back to Kew Gardens by Captain Cook, a shrunken head poking out of a huge hardened body, the tragedy of a reptile that has lived too long, and seen too much.’

    A masterful description of Newt.

    Another engaging piece, Guy, you have an abundance of material with which to work.

  3. AR

    Man, dat Mitt, he sho’ got da dere common touch!
    Sài Gòn – (I assume that) GR’s point re the time zones was that, like so much of the dysfunctional “atomised individuality” of amerika – eg, shires & counties deciding Federal electoral rules, time zones (as in Joh’s cane toad empire) can be decided on using the criterion “god’s time.
    Zut – re The Newt’s head, allegedly, when he was in high school he couldn’t play football because there was no helmet big enough.

  4. j-boy57

    Tonys the frontrunner here I see your Mitt and I raise you the son of santa…

  5. Ken Lambert

    Bravo Guy. You are having too much fun taking the piss out of our
    American ally and its invisible brain.

    Come back and have some fun with our Red Queen, her paramour, KRudd
    and his adoring family fortune, The Labor Ministry, mad Monk and his
    Sergeant Schulz and the assorted green ratbags who lead us.

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