Much has been made of what at first glance seems a strange alliance between The Greens and Bob Katter's Australian Party around the issue of coal seam gas. For an interesting compare and contrast exercise, check out the following two interviews side by side. FAQ Research interviewed Bob Katter MP, federal Member for Kennedy and leader of Katter’s Australian Party and Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters at the February 20 Jondaryan Big Day Out protest against coal seam gas and coal mining on prime agricultural land. (Both interviews also feature on the Behind the Seams group blog The Wellhead.) In the current Queensland state election campaign, the Greens’ policy complements that of Bob Katter’s Australian Party, calling for landholders’ rights and the protection of agricultural land. And so, it seems, do their soundbites. Katter’s party has made the call for a moratorium on coal seam gas exploration and extraction on farming land and a proposal to give farmers rights to refuse mining activity on their properties a key platform in its campaign in the Queensland state election which will be held on March 24.

Senator Waters has introduced two bills into federal parliament, to give farmers a right to deny access to mining companies on their land and to have water declared a matter of national environmental significance.

In the interview below, Senator Waters repeats her call for a Senate inquiry into the full range of issues raised by Coal Seam Gas, including its social and community impacts.

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