There are some TV shows you want to give a pass to just because they’re trying something different. TV is a medium that thrives on mediocrity, so any show that strives to achieve something of ambition deserves a certain amount of adulation regardless of how successful it is. Danger 5 falls into this category. Thankfully, Danger 5 also manages to be really, really good.

Danger 5 concerns an ‘elite’ group of military professionals who are tasked each week with preventing the Nazis from committing acts of evil. Such atrocities involve diamond women warriors and Nazi dinosaurs, so it’s clear that the show is historically accurate. The teams secondary mission: to kill Adolf Hitler.

It is difficult to not think about Inglorious Basterds while watching Danger 5. Both films concern Nazi’s and offer a distorted reality, but while that film offered a hyper real fictional tale of [spoiler alert] the assassination of Adolf Hitler [End spoiler], this offers a similar tale through the lens of a 1960′s pop-art adventure film. Think Inglorious Basterds meets Barbarella meets The Thunderbirds.

The first episode, which airs tonight on SBS1, is “I Danced For Hitler”. The Nazi’s have been stealing a number of iconic monuments from around the world, prompting The Colonel (Danger 5′s avian commander) to send the team to France where the Eiffel Tower has just been taken.

“I think we can all agree a world without monuments is not a world worth living in”.

What works about Danger 5 is that it isn’t over-cooked with too many jokes. While the show isn’t afraid of being overtly silly (French Danger 5 team member / team bartender Pierre revealing himself to be hiding in a safe is an absolute joy to watch – “Bonjour!”), it doesn’t treat the jokes like a Zucker Bros film either. Occasionally the jokes do go a little far into pure goofiness. And that’s okay. Not every joke can be a winner. The show does a hell of a lot more that works than doesn’t.

Danger 5 showed considerable promise and more than lives up to it. It’s the funnest TV of 2012.

Episode highlights:

  • Mans Gun Magazine.
  • Sub-titled winking.
  • The closing credits feature a great post-adventure montage of drinks at Danger 5 HQ.
  • The bear playing piano, even if he was too adiago.
  • Ilsa.
Danger 5 airs tonight on SBS1 at 9:30pm.

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Peter Fray
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