Feb 27, 2012

Ergas in The Oz … journo s-x pests … Sunday Sun rises …

In today's Media Briefs: Egras rushes to wrong judgement in The Oz ... Murdoch's Sun on Sunday: less a paper, more a mag ... LA Times to put up a paywall in March and more ...

Ergas rushes to wrong judgement in The Oz. The Labor pile-on has had everyone running their own book, and Henry Ergas couldn’t resist in The Australian. “Labor’s leadership farce merely plays out of a deeper trend: the crisis of social democracy”, he thundered, noting the falling electoral figures for European social democratic parties. Shocking stuff, until you look at the facts — chiefly, that the figures for social democratic parties have fallen because the support for parties to the left of them has risen. Thus, to take one example, Denmark’s SD party is quoted as being at 33%, without noting that the party is in power, with three other parties, two of which are to the left of them.


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One thought on “Ergas in The Oz … journo s-x pests … Sunday Sun rises …

  1. Liz A

    Thankyou Guy,

    Henry Ergas’ rantings are a large factor in my decision not to take up subscriptions to the Australian. The quality of his “journalism” has been falling over the past 3 years, so much so that much of his work was well unhinged prior to the erection of a paywall.

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